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Downloads a page to the site


  1. 158  
    1 day29 USD

    I can help with the task. I am free and I have the necessary experience.
    Привіт) Можу допомогти з завданням. Наразі вільний і маю необхідний досвід

  2. 474    2  0
    10 days156 USD

    Welcome to! I got acquainted with TZ, ready to start work. For details please write.
    Вітаю! Ознайомився з ТЗ, готовий приступити до роботи. Для уточнення деталей напишіть будь ласка.

  3. 338    4  1
    2 days31 USD

    Good Morning
    Stretch a page to the main site with a display as in the figure
    Доброго вечора
    Натягну сторінку на основний сайт з відображенням як у фігмі

  4. 1106    18  1
    1 day29 USD

    Ready to implement
    Which website?
    • • • • • • • •
    Готова реализовать
    На чем сайт?

  5. 1107    26  2   2
    7 days39 USD

    ✅Good day to call me Paul.
    Experience in work 6 years,
    There is a profile on the apple.
    I was very interested in your project.✅✅✅For detailed discussion of all the nuances, contact me.
    The deadline is with the stock.✅I will do everything in time and according to your expectations.✅Working at WayPoint (SEO junior)
    Working at Transparen (Canada)
    ReactJs developer
    ReactNative (IOS) developer
    The same sites under key (DLE, WordPress, Joomla, Bitrix24)✅✅✅✅✅✅
    ✅ Добрий день мене звати Павло,
    ✅ Досвід роботи 6 років,
    ✅ Є профіль на апворке,
    ✅ Дуже зацікавив ваш проект. для докладного обговорення всіх нюансів, зв'яжіться зі мною
    ✅ Термін беру з запасом.
    ✅ Виконаю все в строк і за вашими уподобаннями.
    ✅ Працював в WayPoint (SEO junior)
    ✅ Працював в компанії Transparen (Canada)
    ✅ https://transparen.com/
    ✅ ReactJs developer
    ✅ ReactNative (IOS) developer
    ✅ Так само сайти під ключ (DLE, WordPress, Joomla, Bitrix24)

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Rewrite the website

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There is a site available aristomebli.com but it has been made once and somehow You need to rewrite the site. That is to remove everything from the hosting and revert the open card to set the topic and adapt it to a few modules. Download all modules and also all the data of…

CMS installation and configurationWebsite development ∙ 2 proposals

Making the bugs on the site


On our site outside our exposure broke a tree and when you click on the button Program in German jumps out English and goes to English. Also, instead of paginating and showing all the news, only one page remains and the rest of the news is missing.

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Install the plugin (module) on opencart


Good day . I'm looking for a person to install the module on the site (opencart ocStore It is necessary that the customer appears a discount notification after adding a certain product to the basket. To make the administrator of the site able to independently choose…

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You need an opencart c specialist with the ability to work with JSON

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When making an order to redirect the buyer with a post request to a third party site, the body post request - JSON at the moment the caston function c is working by sending the GET request, it is necessary to convert to JSON, the JSON structure will be thrown into the figure

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Make the site easy to download quickly.

130 USD

Hello to everyone! You need to facilitate the site https://psy-institute.com/ to make a quick download We offer this budget, we look forward to you. All speed indicators for SEO are normal.

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Volodymyr N. Ssystems
Ukraine Lvov  43  0  1
Project published
2 months 17 days ago