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Citrus Academy is a service of the national network of gadgets and innovative technologies Citrus, a educational space where you can acquire the skills of working with the technique and other useful digital scales (e.g., a mobile photo or a video for YouTube).At the start of the project was present the differentiation of processes in several systems.A also the absence of the system of planning and control of the schedule of the experts of the academy, the high load of the system and big information flows, the absence of interaction between all the participants of the processes.The tasks were set:
Create an efficient operating management system.Integration of sales system with CRM.Organization and arrangement of the contact center of the Citrus Academy.Creation of a single operational environment for the contact center and management of the company.Automation of internal business processes for the contact center and coaches.Adaptation and reconstruction of internal business processes taking into account the COVID 19 pandemic.The following business processes have been created and automated:
- Management of projects
Implementation and control of tasks
Planning Meetings
Accounting of working time
Evaluation of the effectiveness of employees
Team discussions of tasks
Contact with customers and partners.
Documents on projects in a single information system
- management of applications of customers from all sources - electronic mail, chat, social networks, sites
Storage of information about customers
Management of Marketing Activities
Management of sales processes
Collection of Analysts
Analysis of the efficiency of the company

In the first month after the launch of the platform, the application processing rate increased by 15%.The conversion from leads to purchases increased twice.A single operational space was created for the processing of all requested customers.The schedule of the coaches and management of their load is implemented.Integration with Telegram bot and Google calendar.The number of applications, processed by the operator in one day, increased by 29%, and the number of calls - by 36%.The classes were optimized in such a way that the average number of students in each group increased by 70%.Monthly in Citrus Academy more than 1,600 students are trained in 16 educational areas, and each month these numbers are growing.
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Added 4 January 2023
Mikola Maly
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