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Mikola Maly

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Ukraine Dnepr, Ukraine
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    Client management and CRM

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    Українська Українська: fluent
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    • 500 USD

      Automation of processes for handmade souvenirs company

      Client management and CRM
      Description of the project
      VikaMade has addressed us to organize the process of receiving customer calls from Instagram, Facebook, Viber, the site, individually set the process of processing individual orders and give the opportunity to calculate wages to specialists based on the number of customer calls with the CRM system.

      We conducted integration with Facebook and Instagram, set up the wheel of sales with cast statements, included the equal distribution of leads between managers, built the process of working with wholesale buyers, set up the collection of data to pay the salary to swapers and managers, created reports that allow to correctly count the salary, completed the integration with the service "My stock".
    • EMS system for accounting and audit of Amazon accounts

      Client management and CRM
      The task is set:
      It was necessary to build an EMS system from scratch that would allow you to buy, account and audit Amazon accounts, sell accounts to a new buyer, communicate with potential sellers and buyers, and provide related services related to Amazon.Connect all the channels of communication with potential ice.Remembrance of events.Financial Analysis of Operational Activities.made by:
      The Planfix platform system was developed from scratch.The internal structure of the company, working groups and departments is built.Processing from zero:
      counting available accounts with more than 50+ different criteria and options for each of the accounts;
      the support department process and a single operating space over existing customers and available communication channels (Telegram, WhatsApp, Website, Facebook, Corporate mailbox);
      sales processes for ordinary and VIP customers;
      a separate process for the purchase of accounts;
      separate process for the sale of accounts;
      the process of providing support services to customers;
      business process for the financial department;
      Implemented coordination between all business processes and departments and established complex automation depending on certain factors and actions of employees;
      Building a system of financial accounting and reporting for the company’s state and management;
      integration with the payment service Stripe and Google Form;
      A partnership program and a system of rewards is developed and implemented.Over a year and a half of cooperation has been done a massive work on describing, creating and implementing more than 10 key business processes that have brought the company to a new level and removed many inefficient tools.This allowed to scale the business several times, attract new partners and invest in development.The department of supplementary interrelated services was distinguished into a separate service company Mr. Jeff, which also chose ProcessFather and the Planfix platform, as a key integrator and administrator of its operating activity.
    • Automatization of the outsourcing agency of accounting services

      Client management and CRM
      The task was set:
      Automation of all internal business processes of the outsourcing agency of accounting services.The system of semi-automatic security of the tax activity of the customers.Formation of accounts and acts performed by the clients.Disclosure of payments.A single operating space for the accountant.Financial accounts from customers.Automation of personnel.It is realised:
      Development, implementation and disposal of internal and external business processes.Create a single operating space for the accountant.Automation of routine operations and the creation of form templates for the presentation of accounts and acts of performed works.Integration with the external electronic documentation service.Thanks to the flexibility of the platform, built-in business processes can be changed quickly, without taking time to compile and harmonize technical tasks.Speed: If tomorrow you need an account - you need to start the process settings now.Thanks to automation to create (connect) an outsourcing back office for the customer became possible in a day.The company has gained greater functionality and the opportunity to adapt to any business.Internal and external communications and financial processes have been completely arranged.Integrated chat bots in CRM, which allows you to accept orders, book and accept payments in greater amounts, and for customers it provides greater comfort in communications.
    • Automation of the CITRUS Academy

      Client management and CRM
      Citrus Academy is a service of the national network of gadgets and innovative technologies Citrus, a educational space where you can acquire the skills of working with the technique and other useful digital scales (e.g., a mobile photo or a video for YouTube).At the start of the project was present the differentiation of processes in several systems.A also the absence of the system of planning and control of the schedule of the experts of the academy, the high load of the system and big information flows, the absence of interaction between all the participants of the processes.The tasks were set:
      Create an efficient operating management system.Integration of sales system with CRM.Organization and arrangement of the contact center of the Citrus Academy.Creation of a single operational environment for the contact center and management of the company.Automation of internal business processes for the contact center and coaches.Adaptation and reconstruction of internal business processes taking into account the COVID 19 pandemic.The following business processes have been created and automated:
      - Management of projects
      Implementation and control of tasks
      Planning Meetings
      Accounting of working time
      Evaluation of the effectiveness of employees
      Team discussions of tasks
      Contact with customers and partners.
      Documents on projects in a single information system
      - management of applications of customers from all sources - electronic mail, chat, social networks, sites
      Storage of information about customers
      Management of Marketing Activities
      Management of sales processes
      Collection of Analysts
      Analysis of the efficiency of the company

      In the first month after the launch of the platform, the application processing rate increased by 15%.The conversion from leads to purchases increased twice.A single operational space was created for the processing of all requested customers.The schedule of the coaches and management of their load is implemented.Integration with Telegram bot and Google calendar.The number of applications, processed by the operator in one day, increased by 29%, and the number of calls - by 36%.The classes were optimized in such a way that the average number of students in each group increased by 70%.Monthly in Citrus Academy more than 1,600 students are trained in 16 educational areas, and each month these numbers are growing.
    • 350 USD

      Automatization online shop shoe manufacturer topitop.com.ua

      Client management and CRM
      At the start, the task was set:
      Automatization of the Internet and Instagram Store.Possibility of business scale.Creating a single operating space of managers.Connecting all social networks and websites to the CRM system.Creating KPIs for managers and convenient control tools.Automatic segmentation of customers.Automatization of internal processes.The possibility of scaling the business.Creating a single operating space of managers.Connecting all social networks and websites to the CRM system.Creating KPIs for managers and convenient control tools.Automatic segmentation of customers.Automation of internal processes.A single operating space was created for managers and management of the company.Created within the CRM of all the business processes of the company, the sales gateway for the sales department, the connection of all the significant social networks of the company and all the sources of receipt of applications from customers.Automatization of routine operations for sales managers.Creating a system of control of managers and reporting.The company TOPITOP continues its cooperation with us for the fourth year.Our decision has become the main driver in the scale of the company and its sale.The sales department grew from 3 to 17 managers.There were clear tools to control productivity and load sales managers.The management is pleased with the cooperation.

    Reviews and compliments on completed projects 2

    4 September 2023 58 USD
    Adding the status of the new mail to the planfix


    Excellent specialist, the work is done very well!
    I recommend cooperation!

    21 April 2023 31 USD
    Create the Keepincrm CRM system


    Everything is done perfectly. constantly in contact. Great approach to work.


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