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The task is set:
It was necessary to build an EMS system from scratch that would allow you to buy, account and audit Amazon accounts, sell accounts to a new buyer, communicate with potential sellers and buyers, and provide related services related to Amazon.Connect all the channels of communication with potential ice.Remembrance of events.Financial Analysis of Operational Activities.made by:
The Planfix platform system was developed from scratch.The internal structure of the company, working groups and departments is built.Processing from zero:
counting available accounts with more than 50+ different criteria and options for each of the accounts;
the support department process and a single operating space over existing customers and available communication channels (Telegram, WhatsApp, Website, Facebook, Corporate mailbox);
sales processes for ordinary and VIP customers;
a separate process for the purchase of accounts;
separate process for the sale of accounts;
the process of providing support services to customers;
business process for the financial department;
Implemented coordination between all business processes and departments and established complex automation depending on certain factors and actions of employees;
Building a system of financial accounting and reporting for the company’s state and management;
integration with the payment service Stripe and Google Form;
A partnership program and a system of rewards is developed and implemented.Over a year and a half of cooperation has been done a massive work on describing, creating and implementing more than 10 key business processes that have brought the company to a new level and removed many inefficient tools.This allowed to scale the business several times, attract new partners and invest in development.The department of supplementary interrelated services was distinguished into a separate service company Mr. Jeff, which also chose ProcessFather and the Planfix platform, as a key integrator and administrator of its operating activity.
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Added 5 January 2023
Mikola Maly
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