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Automatization of the outsourcing agency of accounting services

The task was set:
Automation of all internal business processes of the outsourcing agency of accounting services.The system of semi-automatic security of the tax activity of the customers.Formation of accounts and acts performed by the clients.Disclosure of payments.A single operating space for the accountant.Financial accounts from customers.Automation of personnel.It is realised:
Development, implementation and disposal of internal and external business processes.Create a single operating space for the accountant.Automation of routine operations and the creation of form templates for the presentation of accounts and acts of performed works.Integration with the external electronic documentation service.Thanks to the flexibility of the platform, built-in business processes can be changed quickly, without taking time to compile and harmonize technical tasks.Speed: If tomorrow you need an account - you need to start the process settings now.Thanks to automation to create (connect) an outsourcing back office for the customer became possible in a day.The company has gained greater functionality and the opportunity to adapt to any business.Internal and external communications and financial processes have been completely arranged.Integrated chat bots in CRM, which allows you to accept orders, book and accept payments in greater amounts, and for customers it provides greater comfort in communications.
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Added 5 January 2023
Mikola Maly
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