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Lead generation from Google Ads. Web Apps UI with React.js
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Украина Киев, Украина
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  • javascript
  • AdWords
  • ppc
  • Google Adwords
  • ui/ux
  • lead generation
  • Google PPC
  • ReactJS
  • Google Ads
Фрилансер Vasyl S. — Украина, Киев. Специализация — Продажи и генерация лидов, Контекстная реклама


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PPC lead generation from Google Ads

I offer bringing leads from Internet for your project, also find ideas of how the project can be developed further. This includes:

  • brief marketing analysis of your niche in Google;

  • figuring out desires and fears of your potential customers;

  • developing a customer acquisition system that involves hot, warm and cold traffic

Important! The lead generation is not a magic tablet! It is alway a partnership with you as a business owner. All what is needed from you is to work on your business very well and to help your clients with their needs.

Here is how we can work:

  • you have a product/service, ideally with a landing page or web site;

  • I develop a traffic system plan;

  • firstly test the product on a hot traffic;

  • conversion optimizing and scaling of the hot traffic;

  • adding warm and cold traffic;

  • the budget for campaigns is yours;

  • I tell you every idea I figure out of how to develop your product;

  • we implement these ideas.

The average time for creating one ad campaign is 2 weeks.

UI development for web applications with React.js

For your project idea or web application you’ll get:

  • architecture planning;
  • data structures and logic;
  • custom library of components right for your project;
  • components composition into pages and pages into the application;
  • logic testing.

The application will be tested. Each component is developed as independent and able to be used in many places of the application.

To achieve this such technologies are used:

  • React, Redux, Redux-Logic, Redux-Saga, Redux-Form, Recompose and other React/Redux plugins;

  • core JavaScript;

  • HTML5, CSS3/Sass/BEM, Ant Design, Bootstrap, Material-UI;

  • Jest, Enzyme.

Also I have worked with MeteorJS (1 year), Node.js, Express, MongoDB. So if the backend is made with those technologies, I can help there too, but only with your backend team.

On your project I can work individually or in a team.

It is good when a project has clear goals and mission. Skills and technologies are just tools. We would select 1-2 main goals, complete them and deploy the project to public. Then develop next ones based on the real users feedback.

Perfect if the project duration is no more than 12 months.

Навыки и умения


180 $Facebook PPC for a CPA offer

Продажи и генерация лидов

The product has been told to be selling very good. I did a market research and figured out many competitors running ads for the similar products. So I decided to narrow my target audience and focus only on one segment to test.

After describing the targeted segment portrait, listing its desires, fears and other characteristics I have created 3 offers and 2 sub-offers. Also 6 images were drawn for Facebook banners.

The campaign started with 6 ad sets with 1 ad in each. Ads consisted of 1 text and one image of 6. So we got 6 combinations of "text + banner".

After 4 days each ad spent more than allowed CPA and I made analysis. CTR was good. I saw age ranges and ad sets performing bad. Ad sets were stopped, age range excluded. New ad sets ran about 3-4 days and after next analysis I could choose the offer which performed best. So I left only it with also best performing images. Plus I created a new image relevant to the best resulting age range.

All this has been lasting 3 weeks. Finally I left 2 ads targeted to the best age range and interests. But the campaign was decided to stop because of high CPA. Though a screenshot shows that CPA was decreasing each week.

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70 $Facebook PPC for a CPA offer

Продажи и генерация лидов

Facebook targeted PPC campaign for a CPA offer.

1) A product and its reviews have been analyzed in Google and Facebook. Also a targeted audience has been divided into few segments. Among them a most "hot" segment has been chosen and for it offer variants were created based on people's desires research.

2) The landing page was tuned to be related to the chosen audience. Its first screen part with headline, texts, images have been updated.

3) In Facebook "Interests" targeting I have gathered all relevant interests and grouped them like keywords by intent and relevance. I have got about 10 groups of interests and started first ad campaign from the hottest target (based on research).

4) Campaign structure: 3 ad groups with 1 ad in each. Ads consisted of 1 image and 1 text. So there were ads with 1 text and 3 different images (for testing). After 3 days each ad spent more than 1 allowed CPA and it figured out which ads worked better (brought leads, had better CPA and CTR). I also broke a campaign by age, regions, placements, devices etc. I found that only 2 age periods worked well.

5) As a result I chose 2 resulting ads and made 1 new ad from them. This new ad had a gallery of images from those 2 ads and 1 text. The targeting was narrowed to exclude not converting age range.

This allowed to reduce cost per lead spent.

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6 000 $Captain Panel


Rebuilding the frontend application for a private startup within a UI/UX team.

The old version was written with jQuery, the new version had been built with React and Redux. The backend part was built on Symfony PHP framework and was supported by a client’s backend developer.

I joined the frontend team then became one of main developers. My duties were:
- planning a component structure for parts of UI;
- investigating the old frontend app and figuring out which API to use;
- writing tasks, estimating;
- coding components, writing logic with Redux-Saga;
- code reviews;
- communication with the customer and the backend developer;


4 500 $Frontend application for Deliverski.com


Rebuilding the frontend application from scratch with React & Redux. A “create-react-app” starter was used here. For logic and data management Redux-Logic was used instead of Redux-Saga.

The process consisted of:
- planning architecture, data structures and logic;
- planning and coding a custom library of reusable components for this application;
- testing logic.

The components had been developed to be as universal as possible. This allowed avoiding code duplication and reduced the application size.

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12 000 $Frontend developer for CheddarUp.com


A project owner needed help with frontend development for the web application https://www.cheddarup.com/.

I had been creating new features with React, Redux, Redux-saga and other React/Redux packages. The process consisted of:
- planning architecture for a feature;
- planning data structure and logic;
- planning components composition to use already developed ones;
- coding new components;
- adding new components to the feature;
- adding event listeners and logic;
- testing logic.

The components had been developed to be as universal as possible. This allowed avoiding code duplication and reduced the application size.

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10 000 $Frontend developer (React/Redux)


Working with individuals and companies as a remote independent contractor.

What has been done:
- plan and define a data structure that the app will use (in Redux or not);
- break the UI into reusable components and coding them in React as static;
- figure out which components will be “smart” and connect them to Redux (or move the state management inside them);
- set the data flow through components;
- test-driven development.


14 000 $JavaScript, MeteorJS developer


Worked with individuals and companies as a remote independent contractor.

What was done:
- defining the database schemas (MongoDB);
- writing server logic to process data (methods, services);
- creating frontend part with Blaze, React. Used core React or Material- UI;
- new projects business analysis and estimation;
- speaking with clients.


Eternal Calendar


Віджет "Календар" на JavaScript. Конкурсний проект на EU Web Challenge 2015.

Реалізовано прокрутку місяців, можливість обирати дату і позначати її активною окремим класом.


Калькулятор індексу маси тіла


Розрахунок індексу маси тіла, калькулятор на JavaScript. Проект для UA Web Challenge 2015


1 920 ₴Дитячий табір Цивілізація

Контекстная реклама

Створення і ведення кампаній в Google Adwords
Кількість оголошень (пошук): 230
Кількість оголошень (КММ): 153
Допустима ціна ліду: 500 UAH
Досягнута ціна ліду (пошуці): 738,41 UAH
Досягнута ціна ліду (КММ): 152,13 UAH
ROI (пошук): 67,71%
ROI (КММ): 328,67%

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960 ₴Пансионат "Сосновая Роща"

Контекстная реклама

Создание и ведение кампаний в Яндекс Директ
Количество объявлений (РСЯ): 97
Допустимая цена лида: 200 RUR
Достигнутая цена лида (РСЯ): 88,50 RUR
ROI (РСЯ): 225,99%

  16  0

1 920 ₴Магазин ошейников "Антигав"

Контекстная реклама

Создание и ведение кампаний в Google Adwords
Количество объявлений (поиск): 167
Количество объявлений (КМС): 164
Допустимая цена лида: 1030 RUR
Достигнутая цена лида (поиск): 293,93 RUR
Достигнутая цена лида (КМС): 1512,65 RUR
ROI (поиск): 350,42%
ROI (КМС): 68,09%

  25  0

1 920 ₴Магазин ошейников "Антигав"

Контекстная реклама

Создание и ведение кампаний в Яндекс Директ
Количество объявлений (поиск): 154
Количество объявлений (РСЯ): 153
Допустимая цена лида: 1030 RUR
Достигнутая цена лида (поиск): 717,11 RUR
Достигнутая цена лида (РСЯ): 392,16 RUR
ROI (поиск): 143,63%
ROI (РСЯ): 262,65%

  7  0

1 920 ₴Тренинг копирайтеров "Мастера слов"

Контекстная реклама

Тренинг копирайтеров "Мастера слов"
Сайт: http://masteraslov.ru/kurs/
Создание и ведение кампаний в Яндекс Директ
Количество объявлений (поиск): 175
Количество объявлений (РСЯ): 134
Допустимая цена лида: 15 у. е.
Достигнутая цена лида (поиск): 7,22 у. е.
Достигнутая цена лида (РСЯ): 6,48 у. е.
ROI (поиск): 207,76%
ROI (РСЯ): 231,48%

  7  0

20 $Инфобизнес "Раскрутка в Youtube": сбор подписчиков

Контекстная реклама

Кампания в Яндекс Директ (РСЯ) - создание и ведение
Количество объявлений в кампании: 91
Допустимая стоимость подписчика (СРА): 7 грн
Удалось достичь (СРА): 3,90 грн/подписчик

  16  0
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Отзывы и комплименты о выполненных проектах 2


- Опишіть, будь-ласка, Вашу проблему детально: коли і як вона виникла?
Необходимо было запустить РК на туристический объект на РСЯ, на тот момент, была только реклама только на поиске. И она была дороговата. Задача стояла получить 100 кликов в день за указанную стоимость в задании. Хотели получить больше заявок чем на поиске, при минимальной стоимости клика.
- Як Вам хотілося б її розв’язати?
Настроить РК в РСЯ.
- Чи ви пробували шукати розв’язок і де?
Да, искали. Смотрели видео Царевского и читали литературу. Но результаты были не такие высокие.
- Скільки було спроб розв’язку? З ким працювали до зустрічі з нами?
До этого делали настройку РК на РСЯ самостоятельно, но для др. объекта. Хотели посмотреть на сколько будет эффективно, если это сделает специалист.
- Як знайшли і чому вирішили працювати саме з нами?
Понравились примеры результатов настройки.
- Яка була поставлена задача перед початком нашої співпраці (кількість ключів; рекламні майданчики; бажана сума виручки тощо)?
Полностью настроить РК на РСЯ: 100 кликов в день за 0,04 у.е., настроить таргетинг по России, ретаргетинг, подобрать ключи, составить объявления.
- Що подобалося і не подобалося в процесі роботи?
Человек отвечал на все вопросы, объяснял почему так, а не иначе. Очень довольна.
- Як Вам досягнуті результати?
Результат положительно удивил, хотя, изначально была настроена скептически. Были конверсии (лид).
- Як би Ви ще хотіли покращити свій проект?
Дальнейшего развития этого проекта нет.

10 мая 2015 2 200 ₽
Контекст и соцсети


Рекомендую Василя как опытного и грамотного специалиста! В результате скрупулезной настройки компаний бюджет на рекламу сократился в два раза при практически прежней эффективности.

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