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Serhii Drobyazko

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Ukraine Dnepr, Ukraine
2 days 4 hours ago
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27 days 4 hours ago
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Contextual advertising
Website SEO audit
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Contextual advertising
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  • Creating website Mariana2Mars

    Web programming
    The website of the company "Mariana2mars" is a true example of innovation and professionalism in the world of digital marketing. Thanks to the focus on website development and promotion, we have created a platform that not only impresses with its competitive design but also meets the needs of the modern digital technology market.

    The design of the "Mariana2mars" website reflects their mission to be more than just an internet marketing and development company - they are true explorers in this field. Every element on the website is designed to emphasize their innovative approach and commitment to the development of clients' businesses. This is reflected in the intuitive interface that ensures easy and effective interaction with the website.

    The content on the "Mariana2mars" website is focused on demonstrating their unique services and approaches in the field of digital marketing and development. It effectively encourages potential clients to collaborate by showcasing the advantages of their innovative solutions. Furthermore, content optimization for search engines guarantees high visibility of the website on the internet, attracting new clients and expanding business opportunities.

    Overall, the "Mariana2mars" website is a great example of how innovation, professionalism, and a focus on development can transform a regular web resource into a powerful tool for business in the world of digital technologies.
  • Creating website SRS Pro Service

    Web programming
    The "SRS Pro" service website impresses with its convenience and functionality. One of the key achievements is the successful implementation of the mobile version of the site, which guarantees flawless display on any device. The site attracts with its simplicity and intuitive menu, which serves as a convenient map for users, helping them easily find the necessary service and information for convenient and quick consultation.

    The website design embodies modernity and minimalism. It is not overloaded with unnecessary content, but instead meticulously crafted and oriented towards convenience for clients. The informational content is aimed at increasing the interest of potential clients and encouraging them to trust the service. Additionally, all content is optimized for search engine requirements, making the site more visible for internet searches and helping to attract new clients.

    Overall, the "SRS Pro Service" website reflects the importance of trust and user satisfaction, as well as the high standard of professionalism of the company in an industry where competition is constantly growing.
  • 125 USD

    Increasing the number of online shop conversions

    Contextual advertising
    Service: contextual advertising;

    Online store of animal products;

    The target region of promotion: Ukraine;

    Duration of work on context advertising: 2 months;

    Total budget: 10790 UAHand

    The goal: to increase the number of conversions on the site, to get the maximum targeted queries through the site; to reduce the cost of attracting one client.
  • Sales growth by more than 300% due to SEO progress

    Search engine optimization
    A SEO website audit.The site is transferred to the new CMS-Open Card.Why did they make such a decision?The prices of goods in the online store are linked to the dollar.The eMiS team has resolved the issue with a rapid, massive price change on the site, as WordPress has not enough functionality for the proper functioning of online stores.Furthermore, the Open Card is closed under the creation of online stores.WordPress is a great designer for a blog, corporate website, visitboxes and unilateral landings.In the menu of the site added subcategories of food producers for pet.This allowed to allocate the link weight for categories.In addition, it added goods filters on the left side of the page.The user can now easily sort the goods by type, price range, manufacturer, etc.This innovation not only improved the userability of the site, but also positively influenced the amount of traffic attracted.As search engines began to index pages with the results of filtration, the number of positions in the tops increased.We also conducted work on the transfer of internal weight from the pages of goods to the pages of categories.The implementation was in the form of a small link at the end of the text by the type "Sama goods you can find in the "Section" section"

    The main task was to create the site useful to the user target pages that are easily found in search.The structure was created on the basis of a semantic core, which consists of several thousand requests.Add new subcategories with different parameters, for example, the manufacturer, etc.and d.Filters are made for low frequency requests.On all the target pages were written unique, creative texts for interesting reading.There is a technical task to correct errors, optimize pages and write new texts.After completing all the technical work on the site, the links began to be purchased.The blog has been systematically filled with articles.#SEO #Audit #Internet Movement #Discovery
  • Comprehensive Promotion of the Professional Shop

    Social media advertising
    Customer: A professional cosmetic store.

    The task is to reduce the amount of marketing costs to 20% of the total income.

    Target audience: women aged 18 to 65 who live in Ukraine.
    327 conversions on the site, the cost of one conversion - $2.91

    Conversions were received: 680 orders through the basket.

    Profit: 446 603 UAH

    The average check: 657 UAH

    Advertising costs: 59,260 UAH

    ROI = (reward expenditure) / advertising expenditure*100% = (446 603 UAH-59 260 UAH)/59 260 UAH * 100% = 654%

    The conversion rate was 2.53%.

Reviews and compliments on completed projects 4


Thank you for the work done on time! We will continue to cooperate in the future.


A good execution, always in contact, no questions in the work arose. I recommend !

24 September 2021 5 USD
Прошу установить теги на сайт


Спасибо! Проверили всё работает!

14 September 2021 5 USD
Set up remarketing for the Google Ads site


Great fast work! completed in time.
Thank you for the profitable explanation!


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