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Cпециалист по рекламе в pinterest

24 USD

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Current freelance projects in the category Outdoor advertising

Development of a layout for car branding for sushi delivery

38 USD

We need a design for the wrapping of a sushi delivery car, we have a logo, a name, and an idea of what colors it could be, all text in Polish (we will help with this), there can be 3 designs to choose from, I am attaching an example of what we want

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Graphic designer for an outdoor banner

Good day. We need a graphic designer to create a banner design for outdoor advertising. Design for an online store What is needed: design 1 banner 3*6 Styles of banners: see attached photo Advertising dietary supplements, but not iHerb products Target audience: men and women…

Outdoor advertising ∙ 27 proposals

Design of a car sticker

It is necessary to create/draw a picture based on the information, logo, company product for sticking an advertising banner on a car.

Outdoor advertising ∙ 25 proposals

Yevgeny Yevgeny
Ukraine Kyiv  2  0
Project published
4 years ago