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Дизайн 3D графики моделирования фотографий, элементы инфографики .

29 USD

  1. 322    6  0
    2 days25 USD

    Здравствуйте, Мария! с удовольствием выполню анимацию для вас. Качественное исполнение, низкая цена. Пишите, буду рада сотрудничать с вами.
    С уважением, Оксана

  2. 4455    69  0
    2 days12 USD

    Здравствуйте, Мария. Хочу предложить Вам свои услуги по моделированию. Обращайтесь!

  3. 231    2  0
    2 days10 USD

    Добрый день. Предлагаю свои услуги. Цена и срок выполнения указана за работу подобную вашему примеру.
    Портфолио: http://anteym.byethost9.com/?ckattempt=1&i=3#/modeling

  4. 3114    82  0   1
    14 days2 USD

    Здравствуйте, Мария.
    Готов взяться за Ваш проект. Цена указана за 1 визуализацию.

  5. 39  
    2 days25 USD

    Здравствуйте, готова взяться за работу, занимаюсь 3d моделированием в программе 3ds Max+V-Ray. Цена зависит от сложности модели. Примеры работ: Google Drive

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Help in creating D-Id assistant.

Need help creating a virtual avatar like in this example: https://www.instagram.com/reel/C0TVL_5oqpf/?igsh=ZTQ3ZXk1cjZyZG5q Maximum ease of use, ideally the ability to upload text that the assistant will speak in the video. An assistant is needed to record educational videos

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3D animation

In search of a person who is engaged in 3D animation. It is necessary to model some products for tattoo masters.

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Develop a custom design for the sensor.

It is necessary to develop a custom design for a sensor, which consists of two stages: 1. Development of the sensor housing similar to the examples presented in the specification, see file All.jpg. The housing should clearly differ from analogs, while maintaining…

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Task https://1drv.ms/f/s!Ai8HOetKEu__m9BzGkxRDaTTaYtN1g?e=16QgFq There is Hend there is a texture of a girl's head It is necessary to put the texture of the girl's face on the head. There is also a photo of a Real person with a problem with teeth. There is a CT scan and other…

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Creating a render and drawing of a pyramid-shaped box.

510 USD

General InformationIt is necessary to create a high-quality 3D render and drawing of a pyramid, based on the images provided. The pyramid should include intricate decorative elements and unique details. More details are outlined in the technical assignment:

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Mariia Sergeieva
Ukraine Kyiv  33  0
Project published
5 years ago