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Translated1087 USD

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    1 day1087 USD

    Good day, I want to try myself in this position and on this project.
    Добрий день, хочу спробувати себе в цій посаді і на цьому проекті

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    30 days1087 USD

    Ready to discuss details.
    Active participant acrossthetasman on VBulletin 4.0.8.
    Write in private messages what responsibilities will be included, link, conditions, etc...
    Готов обсудить детали.
    Активный участник acrossthetasman на VBulletin 4.0.8.
    Пишите в личку какие будут входить обязаности, ссылку, условия, прочее...

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  • Oleksandr F.
    12 April, 23:08 |

    Готовий детальніше обговорити,пишіть в приватні

Current freelance projects in the category System programming

Split the video into equal parts

13 USD

Need to write a program to split the video into specified equal parts. For example, I set 18 seconds for the program and it cuts the video into equal parts from the very beginning to the end, each part being 18 seconds long. At the same time, all metadata of the original video…

Application programmingSystem programming ∙ 1 proposal

Document generation and digital signature implementation

Hello! It is necessary to create a tool for generating a tripartite agreement based on a template with variable insertion and sending it to the user for signing using electronic digital signature, for example, DIYA. Users - those who have minimal experience with signatures,…

Web programmingSystem programming ∙ 1 proposal

Install free security certificates through LetsEncrypt CertB

Task: Install free security certificates via LetsEncrypt CertBot. Configure automatic regular certificate updates. Write a bash script with these operations. As part of the task, it is necessary to then restart Docker: docker-compose up -d --force-recreate After that, check…

System administrationSystem programming ∙ 1 proposal


50 USD

In the categories there is no Computer Logic, so I put something approximate. Everything is written in the file, the task needs to be done. It is necessary to take the student's number and his group: group 32 number 24 I don't have a plan for the course, so if the author can,…

Application programmingSystem programming

Client server application for communicating commands win 10-11

Client-server application for team communication win 10-11 - there are player commands, requires the ability to hear what they say, that is, to receive sound from the microphone and receive sound that will come to the players' speakers. - Listening needs to be done from the…

C and C++System programming ∙ 2 proposals

Artem O
Portugal Portugal
Project published
1 month 10 days ago