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OTP Generator by Twilio AuthyГенератор OTP от Twilio Authy

Translated3000 UAH

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Client's feedback on cooperation with Andrey Tsapenko


Very pleased with cooperation. The task was not easy, but even with additional difficulties, Andrei himself found solutions. I recommend !

Freelancer's feedback on cooperation with Sergey Shulga

Task formulation

Sergey is a great customer, I recommend! The specification of the project meant the participation of the customer and Sergey quickly provided the necessary data almost as soon as I asked
During the work process I found that the task was much more difficult than I thought, so time had to move. When I explained the situation in detail, he responded professionally and even proposed to make a supplement for the effort spent. A great thanks to Sergey for understanding the situation, such customers on the weight of gold!

Andrey Tsapenko | Safe Safe

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    Winning proposal1 day3000 UAH

    Good night Sergey!
    I have experience working with OTP, I can quickly realize what you need in the form of a API service on go. This is a cross-platform compiled language, you can run it anywhere - both on the Linux server and on windows, without having to install additional frameworks.
    There are a few clarificating questions, write to me and we will be able to discuss them
    I will be happy to collaborate, please!
    Добрый вечер, Сергей!
    Есть опыт работы с OTP, могу быстро реализовать то, что вам нужно в виде api-сервиса на go. Это кроссплатформенный компилируемый язык, сможете запустить его где угодно - как на сервере linux, так и на windows, без необходимости устанавливать дополнительные фреймворки
    Есть пара уточняющих вопросов, напишите мне и мы сможем их обсудить
    Буду рад сотрудничеству, обращайтесь!