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Content Manager

Translated107 USD

  1. 298  
    30 days107 USD

    Ready to take a job. Price and schedule can also be discussed only safe work through the Seafood or Business Seafood.
    Готов взяти роботу. Ціну и графік можна додатково обговорити тільки безпечна роботи через Сейф чи Бізнес Сейф

  2. 41  
    1 day107 USD

    Заинтересована в сотрудничестве, готова приступить к выполнению после обсуждения подробностей

  3. 352    6  0
    30 days107 USD

    Oxana good night, interested in cooperation, ready to discuss the details at LS and begin the implementation
    Оксана добрый вечер, заинтересован в сотрудничестве, готов обсудить детали в ЛС и приступить к выполнению

  4. 186  
    30 days107 USD

    I am ready to work, I have experience in filling the site. We can discuss details in personal messages.
    Готова работать, имею опыт по наполнению сайта. Можем обговорить подробности в личных сообщениях.

  5. 5621    128  2   4
    1 day107 USD

    Hello to you.
    Please specify the schedule of work and payment.
    Ready to take from tomorrow.
    Прощу уточните в лс график работы и оплату.
    Готов взяться с завтрашнего дня.

  6. 441    6  0
    1 day107 USD

    Good day !
    Ready to implement your project, you need more details about the project.
    Добрый день!
    Готов реализовать ваш проект, нужно больше деталей по проекту

  7. 100  
    1 day107 USD

    I welcome. I know what it is about and I understand what will be required from me. Write, we will discuss the details and I will immediately begin the work.
    Приветствую. Знаю, о чем идет речь и понимаю, что будет от меня требоваться. Пишите - обсудим подробности и я сразу приступлю к работе.

  8. 1106    22  0
    30 days107 USD

    Welcome, I have experience working with supporting sites, and filling them with content, we can discuss details, I will be happy to collaborate
    Вітаю, маю досвід роботи з підтримки сайтів , та наповнення їх контентом,можемо обговорити деталі , буду радий співпраці

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Telegram Mini App bot (analog of T2E clickers)

2200 USD

We are looking for an experienced developer to create a Mini App bot on Telegram, similar to TapSwap or Hamster Kombat. The bot should include features such as a referral system, quests, and other T2E functions. Requirements: - Proven experience in developing WebApp / Mini App…

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Frontend for CRM system on React based on Elestar template

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Frontend for CRM system on React based on Elestar template Already purchased template: https://elstar.themenate.net/app/crm/customer-details 1. Companies (List, Card) 2. Counterparties (List, Card) 5. Documents (Invoices, Acts, Contracts) 6. Transactions (List, Card) 7.…

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Development of a calculator with a step-by-step interface in Elementor (WordPress)

A calculator with a step-by-step interface needs to be developed for a website on the WordPress platform. The project includes both frontend and backend work, with integration into an existing website. Functionality requirements: Step-by-step data entry: The user enters…

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Building a website on static (ready template/text)

20 USD

Hello, I am looking for someone who knows how to work with html/css/js and who can quickly build static websites based on the template I will provide. I also provide text for each page with images. In some cases, you may need to find images on the internet, but this is not…

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Creating a Web App in Telegram

123 USD

Congratulations, everyone has already heard about clickers/farming apps (TapSwap/Blum) Request for bot development/operation: - inline button, start button (blue button, game start) - working with JavaScript, Node.Js, React.js - admin panel + metrics - effective operation…

JavaScriptBot development ∙ 8 proposals

Project published
1 year ago