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Laboratory work on Assembly

Translated17 USD

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Current freelance projects in the category Embedded systems and microcontrollers

Consultation on NFC is needed.

It is necessary to communicate with a developer who understands NFC technology well in order to describe clearly and structuredly various details of the implementation, I will describe my task and we will decide which technology suits me best. The task may change slightly from…

Embedded systems and microcontrollersHybrid mobile apps ∙ 1 proposal

Monday.com, Make.com

Looking for a specialist to work with Monday.com and Make.com. Setting up the CRM system in Monday.com using Make.com.

Embedded systems and microcontrollersSystem programming ∙ 2 proposals

It is necessary to connect 25 lasers to Pico

123 USD

Good day! We are developing a project where we need to connect 25 lasers to Pico By default, the address is 0x29, to change the address, you need to set a logical unit on XSHUT and adjust the command to change the address and so on for each one. We need a solution where we…

Embedded systems and microcontrollers ∙ 3 proposals

Brushless motor controller

492 USD

Congratulations, a project of a sensorless motor controller needs to be implemented, based on the stm32 or avr processor, experienced performers with this type of motors are welcome. We will work on two types of control: analog and through an encoder with an OLED display. We…

Embedded systems and microcontrollers ∙ 2 proposals

Інтеграція SIM800L с ESP32

Потрібно інтегрувати SIM800L модуль с ESP32 (ESP-WROOM-32) Це включає: 1. реалізація API Request GSM signal strength Request SIM card number Check whether module connected to the network Request SIM card balance Request GSM location Turn ON/OFF sleep mode Factory Reset…

C and C++Embedded systems and microcontrollers ∙ 3 proposals

Aleksandr Papanov
Ukraine Dnepr  22  0
Project published
1 year ago