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Laboratory work by 1C (recounting)

Translated2 USD

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Client's feedback on cooperation with Dmytro Molochnikov


The work was done quickly and quality, the freelancer was constantly in contact, answered all questions, explained all the nuances of the work. Very pleased with cooperation, Dmitry is a real professional in his field. I recommend !

Freelancer's feedback on cooperation with Yaroslav Chernivchan

Task formulation

Working with Jaroslav was a great pleasure for me. The tasks were clear, the questions on the course of the work showed the high level of education of the Contractor. There were no payments problems. I hope for further cooperation. Only the highest ratings!

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  • Dmytro Molochnikov
    25 November 2018, 18:46 |

    Треба дивитися на "Варианты" чи на "Lab6_new"?

  • Yaroslav Chernivchan
    25 November 2018, 18:48 |

    В файлі "Варианты" знаходиться варіант, по якому виконуються лабораторні. А Lab1-Lab6 - саме лабораторні роботи.

  • Dmytro Molochnikov
    25 November 2018, 19:23 |

    Наберіть, будь ласка, 067-994-2929 або 099-605-9061 або skype - okolom57. 

    Є ще декілька додаткових питань.

  • Yaroslav Chernivchan
    25 November 2018, 20:01 |

    Написав Вам в скайп.

Current freelance projects in the category 1C

We are looking for developers for a GTA V RP game server.

We are looking for developers for a GTA V RP game server. - We are looking for experienced individuals to collaborate on a regular basis.

1CC and C++

Consultation 1c

20 USD

Welcome! I have a promo module and I don't understand why its form is not visible when opening the file. Need to explain how to add the module in 1C.

1C ∙ 2 proposals


1. Setting up synchronization with 1C store on Prom 2. Setting up synchronization with 1C store opencart

1COnline stores and e-commerce ∙ 4 proposals

Google Sheets

A table is needed to input the income and expenses of various counterparties and calculate the balance

1CApplication programming ∙ 14 proposals

Setting up integration of 1C UTP with WooCommerce

62 USD

It is necessary to set up integration between 1C and a WordPress website with WooCommerce plugin and 1C:Enterprise. Please provide your suggestions.

1C ∙ 4 proposals

Yaroslav Chernivchan
Ukraine Chernovtsy  7  0
Project published
5 years ago
5 years