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Легкий телеграмм бот

18 USD

  1. 133  
    3 days18 USD

    Здравствуйте, разработка ботов моё любимое занятие, возьмусь за ваш заказ!

  2. 8  
    1 day18 USD

    Работа не сложная, поэтому с радостью возьмусь за ваш проект.
    Ожидаю от вас ответа, все детали уточняйте в личных сообщениях.

    С уважением, Андрей.

  3. 777    12  0   1
    1 day20 USD

    Здравствуйте. С удовольствием выполню Ваш проект. Задача мне ясна, готов приступать.
    Обращайтесь, буду рад сотрудничеству.

  4. 255    0  1
    1 day18 USD

    Здравствуйте, готов взяться.
    Задача не сложная, справлюсь быстро.
    Отвечу на все вопросы.
    По цене сможем договорится.
    Надеюсь на сотрудничество.

  5. 220  
    2 days18 USD

    здравствуйте, готов взяться за ваш проект. имею опыт в разработке телеграм ботов. обсудим детали?

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Telegram Bot subscription to VIP chat

Telegram bot where you can buy a subscription to a VIP channel/chat, a card is linked for monthly billing (subscription), it checks the payment and gives a 3-day warning if the payment is not deducted, then removes from the VIP chat The first month is free after linking the Card

PythonBot development ∙ 12 proposals

Parse photos and text from fansly profiles based on a list of URLs

Hello! I have a list of URLs (a couple of thousand pages) fansly.com - you need to parse the specified text and photo fields from them. What should be obtained - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Mqm4Hv7NyAaE0LZO3HyKisHdwARn2uKExMq1cwD01vo/edit#gid=1242136086 Write the…

PythonData parsing ∙ 12 proposals

Selenium for Twitter

You need to write software that will create posts on Twitter in the format of photo + text. The photo and text can be taken from the root of the project, which will be manually updated. The software should work in multiple threads through the anti-detection browser Dolphin Anty.

Python ∙ 1 proposal

Telegram bot trader

754 USD

Need to create a Telegram trading bot. Part of it needs to be copied from the functionality of another bot and part needs to be created, described in more detail below. VISUAL: /start: choose from 2 languages (English, Spanish) Welcome message like in Octo Trading: same…

PythonBot development ∙ 5 proposals

Automation of executing commands on the server

A script is needed that will connect to servers using SSH remote management and execute commands on each of them. * executing commands (list will be provided) * making changes to configuration files (necessary edits will be provided) * checking the results of executed commands…

PythonWeb programming ∙ 9 proposals

Vladislav Skrypnikov
Ukraine Kharkiv  1  0
Project published
2 years ago