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Master in Wats App and SRM System Settings


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Current freelance projects in the category System programming

Creating an online store on the platform

52 USD

Creating an internet shop. Choosing the design on the Goodshop platform, filling all the content., Choosing the photo Integration with Private, Monobank, SalesDrive, Foks

System programming ∙ 2 proposals

Installation of Linux (USB ports)

39 USD

A Linux specialist is needed to solve the problem with audio card recognition when running a computer. There is a computer on Linux with a USB Hub that connects 6 USB Sound Cards (see. The photo). Currently, everything works great, and we use all the audio cards to play…

Linux and UnixSystem programming ∙ 1 proposal

Video downloading program in Tictock


You need to write the video download program in the tictus. Details in the letter. You need to write the video download program in the tictus. Details in the letter.

Application programmingSystem programming ∙ 1 proposal

Advertising of the site. Possible contextual advertising. We need to attract the leaders.

39 USD

Hello to you, There is a website. You have to make a advertising for him. Wearing clothes - summer - spring. The budgetary option. Advertising should be effective. Google Ads is possible. You need to attract customers to this site.

Application programmingSystem programming ∙ 2 proposals

Required person to enter/create VP sites - Rate $10 per hour

130 USD

You need a person to enter/create VP sites - with a good performance take on a permanent basis. There is a lot of work. Basic knowledge - html\css\js

Web programmingSystem programming ∙ 31 proposals

Nadin Cabay
Greece Greece  1  0
Project published
2 months 19 days ago