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Writing sales posts for Instagram - 6Написание продающих постов для инстаграм - 6

Translated600 UAH

Work result

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Client's feedback on cooperation with Kseniia V.


The first option of work was done the same day, there were small directions, the next time everything was great. Thank you for work)

Freelancer's feedback on cooperation with Daniil Buzinov

Task formulation

There were pleasant impressions about the cooperation. Clear TZ, fast feedback, adequate directions. Thank you for your collaboration, I will be happy to work more.

Kseniia V. | Safe Safe

  1. proposal concealed by freelancer
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    Winning proposal3 days600 UAH

    Hello to you! I write informative, linking, interesting posts for people. The optimal volume of post for such a topic is 1000 simbs. The price for 1 post of this size is 100 UAH.
    Здравствуйте! Напишу информативные, цепляющие, интересные для людей посты. Оптимальный объем поста для такой тематики - 1000 симв. Цена за 1 пост такого размера - 100 грн.

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    9 days5999 UAH

    The price includes an original picture.

    He studied the topic last year: prepared a longride on the choice of crm for forex brokers platforms. ...
    By the way, I have left black: I can make longride in essence and types of srm systems. It will be interesting - write to Ls. :)
    В цену входит оригинальная картинка.

    Изучал тему в прошлом году: готовил лонгрид о выборе crm для платформ форекс-брокеров. ..
    Кстати, у меня остались черновики: могу сделать лонгрид по сути и видам сrm-систем. Будет интересе - пишите в лс...:)

  3. 421  
    30 days5000 UAH

    Gotova pomoch s tekstami obrashchajtes. Primery predostavlu https://loragrey.livejournal.com/

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Daniil Buzinov
Kazakhstan Almaty (Alma-Ata)  1  1
Project published
4 months 19 days ago