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Write the final part of the work

Translated36 USD

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Work done in time and in good quality.

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Thank you for the interesting and creative project. I recommend Anastasia to cooperate as a responsible customer.

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    1 day49 USD

    Good day Anastasia. With the final part I will not help, but your work requires a serious correction – a lot of mistakes, and this, as I understand, is not very good. If you think, call me. I will do today
    Добрый день, Анастасия. С заключительной частью не помогу,но Ваша работа требует серьезной корректировки- много ошибок,а это,как я понимаю,не очень хорошо. Если надумаете, обращайтесь. Сегодня сделаю

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Creation and placement of materials on Wikipedia

Sometimes it is necessary to write articles on specific topics that meet Wikipedia's criteria and post them directly on this resource following all the rules.

Article writingTechnical documentation ∙ 5 proposals


12 USD

Writing an article in English on the topic, opening a coffee shop in Ukraine in the conditions of war, from 6 pages. I have a sample

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Write an article on crypto trading and review a trading platform

15 USD

The budget specifies the price is approximate for 1 article, as I understand it depends on the number of characters. We can offer larger amounts, there will be no problems with that. The main task is to write 10 articles on trading and review the Tradelink.pro platform. But for…

CopywritingArticle writing ∙ 22 proposals

Copywriter with knowledge of English (German)

Looking for an assistant to write short posts for adults for managing a Telegram channel. We will discuss the stories. Fluent English is a must, fluent German is a plus. The posts should eventually turn into a book.

CopywritingArticle writing ∙ 11 proposals

Write an article on the B2B direction on the HR topic

Write an article on the B2B direction on the HR topic Ukrainian language Target audience - HR managers source material is available, essence, goal is available 1000-1200 characters Please provide a link to the most similar article from your experience

CopywritingArticle writing ∙ 11 proposals

Anastasia Volkova
France Paris  33  0
Project published
3 years ago