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Set up e-commerce for Google Analytics


  • Oleksandr Sukhov
    10 June, 18:36 |

    Доброго дня.
    На якій платформі сайт?

  • Nikolay Svezhentsev Flowers Kyiv
    10 June, 18:37 |


  • Oleksandr Sukhov
    10 June, 18:40 |

    Тоді підкажуть ще який плагін використовуєте? (платний чи безкоштовний)
    І чи використовувався ГТМ?

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Технічний аудит сайту та виправлення помилок

wordpress знайшов не сайті 1 критичну проблему - потрібно її усунути Стан здоров'я сайту Стан здоров'я сайту показує критичну інформацію про конфігурацію WordPress і елементи, що вимагають вашої уваги.1 критична проблема Critical issues are items that may have a high impact on…

Web programmingCMS installation and configuration ∙ 6 proposals

Website transfer to Wordpress

12 USD

Good day, there is a site on Tilda https://easterncircles.com/ It needs to be transferred to WordPress, hosting is available, I will provide access. I will handle the content of the site myself. You only need to install WordPress on the hosting with the correct settings,…

CMS installation and configurationWebsite development ∙ 13 proposals

Transfer the new design to the existing pages of the WordPress site.

145 USD

Transfer the new design to the existing pages of the website. The template has already been created, it needs to be applied to the same link, and the content should be distributed according to the page structure. The site is built on WordPress.

HTML and CSSCMS installation and configuration ∙ 19 proposals

Change amazon affiliate to woocommerce

There is a site, GamersGuruClub.com The shop section of this site is affiliated with Amazon. It is necessary to translate to WooCommerce and create a full-fledged WooCommerce shop.

HTML and CSSCMS installation and configuration ∙ 1 proposal

Setting up a work environment in Notion

It is necessary to create a working environment for different departments, according to the technical specifications The main task is to create a KPI calculation table for the sales department. We are ready to consider it step by step, the first task will be the development…

CMS installation and configurationTechnical documentation

Nikolay Svezhentsev Flowers Kyiv
Ukraine Kyiv  4  1
Project published
1 month 11 days ago