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Resolve the task by charging the elementРешить задачу с загрузкой елементора

Translated400 UAH

Client's feedback on cooperation with Andrii Migal


Thank you ! Everything is done in accordance with the agreements. I recommend !

Freelancer's feedback on cooperation with Antony Rublewski

Task formulation

Anton is a great customer.
Reflective, punctual, clear forming of the task, always in contact.
Payment immediately after completion.I recommend all of this customer. I was very happy to work with you.

Andrii Migal | Safe Safe

  1. 2007
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    1 day300 UAH

    I know what the fist is. I will fix quickly. You need access to FTP. Hello to you.
    Знаю в чем фишка. Исправлю быстро. Нужен доступ к фтп. Здравствуйте.

  2. proposal concealed by freelancer
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    3 days500 UAH

    I will complete the speed optimization of the site in accordance with the recommendations https://pagespeed.web.dev/ and other requirements (associated with practice).
    How to Speed Up a Slow Site With Elementor https://elementor.com/help/speed-up-a-slow-site/
    Verification and correction according to the 35 requirements (assigned by me) and recommendations will take 1-2 days and 1 day to test according to gtmetrix.com . End up to 3 days.
    Go to turn.
    It optimized about 25 sites. And I’m only working on WordPress optimization.
    Выполню полную оптимизацию скорости сайта согласно рекомендаций https://pagespeed.web.dev/ и других требований (собранных практикой).
    How to Speed Up a Slow Site With Elementor https://elementor.com/help/speed-up-a-slow-site/
    Проверка и исправление согласно 35 требованиям (собранных мною) и рекомендациям займет 1-2 дня и 1 день на тестирование согласно gtmetrix.com . Итого до 3 дней.
    Оптимизировал около 25 сайтов. И работаю только по оптимизации Wordpress.

  • Aleksandr Abashin
    3 October, 13:21 |

    Скорее всего конфликт с плагином каким то