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Script that will automatically take orders for delivery on Amazon Flex

Translated104 USD

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    4 days104 USD

    Hello to you.

    I am a NodeJS developer. Ready to take. Let’s write, we will discuss.

    Я NodeJS разработчик. Готов взяться. Пишите, обсудим.

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    1 day104 USD

    Hi, I have a lot of experience working with Amazon Automation, I also have experience working with Amazon API. I would like to clarify the task and ready to take it.
    Добрый день, имею большой опыт работы с автоматизацией амазона, также имею опыт работы с амазон АПИ. Хотел бы уточнить задачу и готов браться.

Current freelance projects in the category JavaScript

JavaScript platform to add language


You need to add a language to the current website www.estvitapro.com Javascript Platform.Time of work until 04/03/2024

JavaScript ∙ 2 proposals

List of site

130 USD

We are looking for a specialist for the layer of ready design for the landing and its adaptability. If you are interested in this job, please check out and note your experience in this field, the portfolio of past work, the price of development, and what technologies you are…

HTML and CSSJavaScript ∙ 70 proposals

Writing a Beckend part for the Email verification tool


The description of the TZ is here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xFOQLsRe6n86-2wkF5DZN21bEE5N-tCNGvOWqUIH7JE/edit?usp=sharing It has already been written about 20% of this TZ.

JavaScriptNode.js ∙ 6 proposals

Repeat JS in the web page (and, if possible, Laravel skills)


Good night to everyone, I'm looking for a developer who will be able to properly rewrite a little JS in the filter box (and not only) on the site. The site itself works on Laravel, it would be great for the developer to have experience working with the framework so I can…

JavaScriptPHP ∙ 8 proposals

The Cat Selling Site on WordPress

652 USD

I'm looking for a web studio that can make me a cat sales site on WordPress, there are a couple of examples (concurrent sites), make sure to make the design then get to the robot, give priority to web studios! HTTPS://www.britishcatsusa.com…

JavaScriptWeb programming ∙ 32 proposals

Project published
2 months 29 days ago