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Create small pictures in photoshop 6 pieces.

Translated5 USD

Client's feedback on cooperation with freelancer


The executor quickly understood what was needed from him and did the right from the first time. Price, quality, speed of execution – everything was pleased. I put fat plus in reputation and of course I recommend cooperation. It’s all super!!The !

Freelancer's feedback on cooperation with Pavel Goloschapov

Task formulation

The customer clearly formulated the requirements for the work, so there were no problems with the performance. There was no delay in paying. I was happy with the collaboration!

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  1.  freelancer isn't working in the service any longer
  2. 8298    179  2   2
    3 days

    Go to turn.
    Download the example of the picture, timetable.
    Скиньте пример картинки, сроки.

  3.  freelancer isn't working in the service any longer
  4. 403    10  0
    2 days

    Good night !

    Ready for cooperation,
    Email address: [email protected]
    by: mandarin4ik90
    Добрый вечер!

    Готова к сотрудничеству,
    эл.адрес: [email protected]
    skype: mandarin4ik90

  5. 15637
     350  3

    3 days


  6. 269    4  0
    1 day

    1 picture - 15 grn.
    work: Behance
    Post by: [email protected]
    Обращайтесь, 1 картинка - 15грн.
    работы: Behance
    почта: [email protected]

  7. 431    5  1
    2 days

    Hello to you! Interestingly, I can fulfill your proposal. The price will be determined in ls, as far as the image format is unknown. Write it.
    Здравствуйте! Интересно Ваше предложение могу выполнить. Цена будет решена в лс, по скольку формат картинки неизвестен. Пишите.

  8.  freelancer isn't working in the service any longer
  9. 1177    11  0
    2 days3 USD

    Hello to you!
    Interested in your project. Ready to perform.

    My work: Google Drive
    by Alexander Leluch
    by [email protected]
    Заинтересовал ваш проект. Готов выполнить.

    Мои работы: Google Drive
    Александр Лелюх
    [email protected]

  10. 825    46  0   1
    1 day

    Hello to you! I will make. But we need samples and timetables. The price depends on the complexity, but approximately 10-15 pounds.
    Здравствуйте! Зделаю. Но нужны образцы и сроки. Цена зависит от сложности, но примерно 10-15 гривен.

  11.  freelancer isn't working in the service any longer
  12.  freelancer isn't working in the service any longer
  13. 263    6  0
    1 day

    I will be pleased with your project, I will do it quality.

    Post by: [email protected]
    portfolio: Behance
    Возьмусь с удовольствием за Ваш проект, сделаю качественно

    почта: [email protected]
    портфолио: Behance

  14. 131    1  0
    1 day

    Good day !
    Ready for cooperation!
    Добрый день!
    Готова к сотрудничеству!

  15.  freelancer isn't working in the service any longer
  16. 28  
    2 days

    I can do it! please write on the page.
    Могу выполнить!Напишите пожалуйста в личку

  17.  freelancer isn't working in the service any longer
  18.  freelancer isn't working in the service any longer
  19. 651    46  0
    1 day

    I will perform your order at a good price for you.
    Павел, качественно выполню заказ за приятную для Вас цену.

  20. 3093    22  0
    3 days40 USD

    for all six pieces.
    The fullest portfolio can be viewed by clicking on the link "My site"
    за все шесть штук.
    более полное портфолио можно посмотреть, перейдя по ссылке "мой сайт"

  21.  freelancer isn't working in the service any longer
  • Profile deleted
    4 August 2014, 23:01 |

    конкретнее бюджет, размер и тд?

    создание картинок нынче от 10$ стоит

  • Sophie Papazova
    4 August 2014, 23:05 |

    Можно подробней..