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Technology for creating software products IDLE Shell

Translated22 USD

Client's feedback on cooperation with Polina M.


Quick, correct, constantly in touch.

Freelancer's feedback on cooperation with Vladislav Debely

Task formulation

The client was professional and clear in the requirements, always ready for discussion. The project task was clearly defined and accessible. The cooperation was positive and productive.
I recommend working with them!

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    Winning proposal1 day22 USD

    Hello! Interested in your project. Please contact me to discuss the details and deadlines for completing this project!
    Здравствуйте! Заинтересовал Ваш проект. Свяжитесь со мной для обсуждения деталей и сроков выполнения данного проекта!

Current freelance projects in the category Application programming

Setting up one short auto-reply in ManyChat for Instagram

20 USD

Good afternoon, I am looking for a person who can help me set up an automated dialogue in ManyChat for my Instagram account in real-time via Zoom. All texts are written, and there are 5 steps in the dialogue. The task is to show me how to do this myself in the future.

Application programmingSocial media marketing ∙ 4 proposals

Computer Vision Specialist

652 USD

A specialist in computer vision is required. Tasks: object detection against a background, determining their speed and direction of movement, ideally measuring distance. The budget is approximate and negotiable.

C and C++Application programming ∙ 5 proposals

Inkscape Customize!

Hello! We want to customize the Inkscape program for our tasks. Cutting patterns on TPU PPF film. Using a cuttter plotter. Currently, this involves developing plugins for further program shaping. We consider each plugin as a separate refinement for a specific developer. You…

PythonApplication programming ∙ 1 proposal

I will commission the writing of the simplest possible program

I will write a simple program that retrieves emails based on Google searches. That is, based on the keywords.txt file, it searches the first thousand results for a given phrase, then goes to those pages collecting all the emails contained in them (it is enough to go to the main…

Application programming ∙ 6 proposals

Power BI: Data-Driven Marketing Insights Dashboard

1000 USD

Goal: To enable clients to efficiently use the marketing insights dashboard with minimal manual intervention, leveraging the automation and predictive analytics capabilities built into the system. Create a platform that aggregates data from various marketing channels and…

DatabasesApplication programming ∙ 3 proposals

Vladislav Debely
Slovakia Bratislava  2  0
Project published
3 months 22 days ago