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Writing and setting the letter in Unisender

Translated18 USD

Client's feedback on cooperation with Anastasiya Olhovskaya


Thank you for work. Be in contact.

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    Winning proposal1 day18 USD

    Ready to complete the letter. You will be on Unisender tonight.
    Готова выполнить верстку письма. Сегодня вечером будет у вас на Unisender

  2. 127  
    2 days15 USD

    I'm ready to start right now.There's no work experience in this service,but I don't think it's difficult there.The main thing is experience in the list of letters.
    Добрый день!Готов начать прямо сейчас.Опыта работы именно в этом сервисе нет,однако я не думаю что там сложно.Главное есть опыт в верстке писем.

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Build a modern website for the Language Center

The Language Center currently has an old website built on WordPress. Due to the company's development, either the expansion of the WordPress-based website or the construction of a new HTML website (not on WordPress) is planned, depending on the builder's skills. The new website…

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Advertisement page on the WYSIWYG Web Builder v14.3.1 website.

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It is necessary to create a website in the constructor. The theme is video surveillance and intercom systems. The work process is as follows: We find a website that provides similar services. We make a full copy, as in the original, with a translation into Ukrainian. I believe…

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Initial website layout

Certain website layout preparation work is required. Estimated amount of work - 8 hours of pure time. Please indicate the rate for such amount of work. More details can be discussed in private messages before accepting the agreement.

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Website design for OpenCart

There is an open cart Show Case template Modules are installed It is necessary to design the website, create a template for article pages

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Yegor Chuvilin
Kazakhstan Karaganda  83  0
Project published
5 years ago