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Install and address the Drupal topic

Translated364 USD

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Client's feedback on cooperation with Vitalii Lisak


A great guy, quickly made the project, even more than I thought. There is vision and understanding, I recommend.

Freelancer's feedback on cooperation with Serhii Shevchuk

Task formulation

Sergey, a good customer. It is easy to communicate with him, constructive, the payment came in time. The project is interesting. In general, some positive impressions. I recommend .

    1 bid hidden
    1 bid hidden
  • Oleg Kreminsky
    6 December 2023, 16:45 |

    А back-end сторiнок вже створений, чи теж треба робити back-end?

  • Serhii
    6 December 2023, 19:37 |

    сворений, потрібно поставити тему і налаштувати розположення кнопок і полів

  • Oleg Kreminsky
    6 December 2023, 19:42 |

    Зможу на наст. тижнi зробити

  • Serhii
    7 December 2023, 15:52 |

    Дякую, думаю що будемо працювати

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I need product design(Menu, products, promotions)

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Starting company, needs product design, we are looking for a specialist who will be able to do this easy task in a short time

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Development of HTML/CSS design generator for mass-start websites


The goal of the project is to develop a tool that enables the mass launch of simple but SEO-optimized websites for more than 200 domains.It is important that each site is adaptive, with a semantic layer on the BEM, the use of webP images, the availability of all the necessary…

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Change the design of the site.

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HTTPS://balance.lutsk.ua Make proposals for changing the logo. The main thing you need to change the appearance of the site on light tones. The location of currency currencies blocks to leave in the same order. More information to place blocks of the department address. And…

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Design in Figma

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Hello to you!The first step - you need to upgrade the desktop version of the design in Figma.Add a module for the casting of shorts, i.e.The user can download the design on his own.It will be selected one of the existing plugins for WooCommerce, and you will just need to draw…

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Set the product design under the site with Woocommerce

26 USD

Site on WordPress (the OceanWP theme) https://special-gifts.top/?page_id=86, product design made through Elementor. You need to set the product design as identical as possible but with connected woocommerce. Only one product / template is possible, not the entire site) If the…

Web designCMS installation and configuration

For Plus
Project for Plus
Ukraine Cherkassy
Project published
2 months 18 days ago