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Wordpress Tension of the Ready Track on ACF BlocksWordpress натяжка готової верстки на ACF Blocks

Translated1500 UAH

Client's feedback on cooperation with Anastasiya Pinchuk


It started with the fact that I got the awareness of starting the work after the end of the delay. Ok to. As a result, the executor refused to give the job after it was performed referring to the fact that I have to pay over, although I know about by fact. Later there was an arbitration that resolved her to give the project and get the money.

In fact, the executive has never finished his work, but I closed the order so that I can stop it as soon as possible. And so never get the full amount of what you paid for, for what we initially discussed - a stretched edge of the main page on WordPress. This is a project with a fixed payment and with a fixed tz.

You’ll break the deadlines, you’ll get a portion of the cancelled hamst, inventions, toxicism, and in the course of the work even for which you’re ready to pay, you’ll be able to get only through an arbitrator. Good luck in collaboration with Anastasia. You will need her.

Freelancer's feedback on cooperation with Vadim A.

Task formulation

Discussed the budget for the project, warned the customer about the current loading, he agreed with everything and started to work, in the end the project was the customer himself doesn't know what he wants and can't formulate the requirements, in the end he realized all the wishes but the customer refused to pay the work and threatened with the closure of the project as not performed, so with the help of the arbitration only managed to close, recommend not can, on his fear and risk only

Anastasiya Pinchuk | Safe Safe

  1. proposal concealed by freelancer
  2. proposal concealed by freelancer
  3. proposal concealed by freelancer
  4. proposal concealed by freelancer
  5. 1842
     40  0
    Work samples:
    Парсинг с сайта поставщика на OpenCart
    14 days10 000 UAH

    Good morning, I was interested in your project. I have experience in creating Internet resources of a variety of complexity, as well as problem-solving and website creation on OpenCart, WordPress and others.
    I would like to discuss the details of the project, write.
    Доброго дня, мене зацікавив ваш проєкт. Маю досвід в створенні інтернет-ресурсів різної складності, а також розв'язання проблем, доробок та створення сайтів на OpenCart, WordPress та інші.
    Хотілося б, обговорити деталі проєкту, пишіть.

    Similar completed project: Інтернет магазин на WP внести правки й зробити нормальний дизайн

  6. 6180    129  3   1
    10 days10 000 UAH

    Good morning, we can transfer you the list to Worpdress + ACF.
    The price will be from 10,000 to 15,000.
    Доброго дня , можемо вам перенести версту на Worpdress + ACF .
    Ціна буде від 10000 до 15000.

  7. proposal concealed by freelancer
  8. proposal concealed by freelancer
  9. 1176    38  4   1
    8 days1600 UAH

    Welcome to Ilya! I will help you install a project on WordPress. I’d like to see the maker first.
    Вітаю, Ілля! Допоможу з установко проекту на WordPress. Хотілося б спочатку побачити макети.

  10. 194    2  0
    10 days2000 UAH

    Hello to you! How is your mood?

    Wordpress tightenes the finished layer on ACF Blocks according to your project description.

    I have more than 30 years of experience in PHP, Wordpress, HTML, Magento, Bootstrap, CSS, Javascript, Code Ignitor and C#.net.
    I am ready to start your project and I am confident that thanks to my experience and competences I will be able to ensure high quality work and timetable compliance.

    We will be grateful for your feedback.

    With respect and wishes for success.
    Здравствуйте! Как ваше настроение?

    Wordpress натяжка готової верстки на ACF Blocks в соответствии с вашим описанием проекта.

    У меня более 30 лет опыта работы в PHP, Wordpress, HTML, Magento, Bootstrap, CSS, Javascript, Code Ignitor и C#.net.
    Готов приступить к выполнению вашего проекта и уверен, что благодаря моему опыту и компетенциям смогу обеспечить высокое качество работы и соблюдение сроков.

    Будем благодарны за ваш отзыв.

    С уважением и пожеланием успехов.

  11. 216  
    14 days500 UAH

    Hello Ilya, call me Vadim, I will help you realize the project on the Gutenberg blocks, since 3 years I specialize in this.
    The approach to the pressing on blocks in me is that, all blocks will be independent of each other, scripts, and styles will be uploaded accordingly only when the block is on the page, for a better Page Speed assessment.
    I would like to see the design to give you a better rating in the hours, and start asking questions that can be directly related to the development itself, work can both in the pair and myself. You can look at my team. I will also share the projects that I have developed on this principle.
    My Rate is $15 / Hour
    Доброго дня Ілля, мене звати Вадим, допоможу реалізувати вам проект на Gutenberg blocks, так як 3 роки саме на цьому спеціалізуюсь.
    Підхід до натяжки на блоки в мене такий що, всі блоки будуть незалежні один від одного, скрипти, та стилі будуть загружатись відповідно тільки коли блок знаходиться на сторінці, для кращої оцінки Page Speed.
    Хотілось би побачити дизайн, щоб дати вам кращу оцінку в годинах, та почати задавати питання, які можуть стосуватись безпосередньо самої розробки, працювати можу як і в парі, так і сам. Можете переглянути мою команду. Також поділюсь проектами які розробляв за таким принципом.
    Мій рейт 15$ / hour

Vadim A.
Ukraine Lvov  0  1
Project published
2 months 10 days ago