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Make an adaptation to the mobile version and fix 2 bag


  1. 309    1  0
    1 day13 USD

    Welcome, ready to implement your project.I have 5 years of work experience in the Web programming.
    Вітаю, готовий реалізувати ваш проект.Маю 5років досвіду роботи в сфері Веб програмувані.Звертайтесь

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    1 day13 USD

    I’m very good at the foreign code. I have worked on many projects that are already done. I will do it quickly.
    Чудово орієнтуюсь в чужому коді. Виконував допрацювання на багатьох вже готових проектах. Зроблю швидко.

  3. 365    6  1
    3 days104 USD

    I was familiar with T. Ready to start and perform your task in a good way. Write, I will be happy to help.
    З ТЗ ознайомився. Готовий приступити і реалізувати ваще завдання якісно! Пишіть, буду радий допомогти.

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Website of the Charitable Fund


Website or analogue. It is required to provide detailed information about the fund. Contact contact, registration form for receipt of aid. Form of registration for assistance. Opportunity to donate to the fund. Possibility to publish information/news about the work/cost of the…

HTML and CSSPayment systems integration ∙ 6 proposals

Reply from Marquiz


You need to link 2 quests from the Marquis platform and transfer to the hosting that they would work and accept applications (will be desirable that notifications would come in the telegram). You need to be able to edit the text and change the images. Also, so that there is no…

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Web page on MODX


Good day ! The required line of the site + analytics settings, in connection with the design update and CA. The old site bartschool.com is a new site in English, a page about 5 + a few pages - these are courses that duplicate. Figma is still in the process, in a few days will…

HTML and CSSWebsite SEO audit ∙ 7 proposals

List of email pattern in HTML with Figma.

13 USD

You need HTML to address without css for e-mail displays. Makeup made in Figma, screenshot of the makeup I add. You need a sandupulse model if it affects something.

HTML and CSS ∙ 21 proposals

Add a Beige Review to the Website (Clutch, Trust Pilot)

13 USD

You need to show how to add a beige review to a Clutch, Trust Pilot type site. This should be as a consultation. The Wordpress Site

HTML and CSS ∙ 3 proposals

Aleksey Zolin
Ukraine Kherson  12  0
Project published
2 months 20 days ago