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Oleksandr Sidorov

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Mobile development

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  • 999 USD

    Analysis of suppliers and competitors

    The ePrice module provides:
    - obtaining / reading prices in different formats: Excel, XML, YML (possible processing under the provider API)
    - recording prizes / data in the ePrice system
    Registration of data in the accounting system
    Flexible management (additional option)

    #ePrice #price #analysis #price list #price aggregates #price list
  • 158 USD

    Accounting robotics, business processes and notification

    The robotic process management module by an enterprise with notification and automatic task creation functions, as well as the launch of business processes in 1s / bas accounting systems, is built on the business process designers using other advanced technologies, which allows for the most to replace Bitrix24 or another CRM system if the company has the will and resource to conduct business through the processes and which follows order in everything.The module has a graphic interface that allows you to create the processing of any events in the accounting system and on the basis of these events to create tasks and send notifications about events (creation of new documents, reports, records or their change).In the tasks you can change or add columns of the process status without a programmer and visually trace in which stage the task is, send notification about the events in the base through different channels: bots, SMS, mail messages.In the near future, a mobile client is planned to manage tasks with PUSH notification.The module code is written in English, allowing it to be used both in configurations with code written by Cyrillic and in international configurations with English code.#tasks #business management #bascrm #1cCrm #bots #turbosms #e-mail addresses #email addresses
  • 158 USD

    Messengers Prom, Rosette, Telegram and Viber

    Messengers to increase the loyalty of customers and increase the ratings on market plays:
    - Communicate with customers on Prom and Roosevelt directly from 1C / BAS without having to enter the Personal Cabinet of Prom or Roosevelt
    - the possibility to see (for the Seller) on which Goods or Order is addressed by the customer and open these objects
    - convenient management of messages in work and with replied messages
    All posts under control in one work space CRM
    - sending information about the goods, order or TTN directly from 1C
    - expanded version of the bot can include the messengers Weber и Telegram

    #prom.ua #rozetka.ua #telegrambot #ViberBot #Telegram #viber-raslink #prom #rozetka
  • 158 USD

    Chat bots, Viber

    Chat bots Telegram, Viber for 1C and BAS
    - receiving and sending by chat bot - live publication of the client and employee
    - Connect the client in 1C with the telegram, Viber and other messengers
    - information mailed under the Order and other documents
    Information from the TNT
    - second official report (rapports) and info-link
    Automatic execution of ready-made bot behavior scenarios
    Opportunity to create new scenarios

    #telegrambot #telegramBots #ViberBot #ViberBots #viber-link
  • 210 USD

    Integration 1C/BAS and site on OpenCart

    - help you set the exchange between your 1C / BAS and your site on #cms-opencart
    - integrate the existing 1C with the active site on #opencart
    We will set the exchange between the current site and the new 1C/BAS.
    - we will help integrate the new 1C with the new site on OpenCart

    The 1C exchange module for sites on OpenCart allows:
    - to load goods, options, artributs, filters, photos, residues, prices;
    - upload the data for the site in several languages: Russian, Ukrainian and other languages;
    - change the algorithm of presentation on the site of standard and additional 1C records;
    - upload any guidelines from 1C to OpenCart;
    - Deliver documents and properties;
    Download orders / exchange orders.

    We will help avoid duplicates on the site and in 1C (especially for options, when it is necessary integration with the already existing site or existing 1C / BAS)!

    #1C #BAS #integration #change #Opencart #cms-opencart #site under key
  • 210 USD

    Integration with Horoshop for BAS and 1C

    The task of integrating the online store on #horoshop.ua with #1C or #BAS:
    - full transfer of information about the goods to #1c:Enterprise or BAS
    - comparison of goods between 1C/BAS and #horoshop (to avoid subtracting goods)
    - full upload of information about goods, prices and residues to the site on horoshop.ua
    - Download orders from #Horoshop to 1C:Enterprise or BAS.

    #horoshop #xml #XML/YML #internet store #integration #Price aggregators #api-development #api
  • 158 USD

    Prom integration with 1C or BAS

    The task of integrating the #internet store on #prom.ua, #prom.md, #tiu.ru, #deal.by, #satu.kz with #1C or #BAS:
    - full #download information about goods, varieties, prices and residues on the site at Prom.ua, Tiu.ru, Satu.kz, Deal.by, Prom.md;
    - Loading Varieties (SKU) on Prom (in 1C to Characteristics);
    - user list of categories for the site on Prom + falling in the Category Prom;
    - Keywords in 1C, individual HTML description for Prom in 1C;
    - transfer of the minimum/maximum residual to the Prom (if you do not have residues in 1C or need to load all goods, even those of which are not on the residual);
    - the exchange of goods and wholesale prices, the amount of which the wholesale price acts;
    - transferring links to photos, including photoraphy of Varieties/Caracteristics (if they are not stored in the base);
    - #charge orders with Promotion / Tiu in 1C:Enterprise or BAS.Additionally (pay separately)
    - full transfer of information about the goods to #1c:the enterprise or BAS from the Marketplace;
    - the comparison of goods between 1C / BAS and the Trade Place (that goods, groups/categories are not covered).HTTPS://youtu.be/3_ZKpLnIVCY

    #prom.ua #tiu.ru #satu.kz #deal.by #prom.md #xml #XML/YML #internet store #integration #api-development #api
  • 158 USD

    Delivery Services New Post, Ukrpost, MistExpress

    Supply services for the BAS and 1C configurations:
    The news
    The MistExpress
    by Justin
  • 158 USD

    Integration of Rozetka with BAS or 1C

    The task of integrating the #internet store on #rozetka.ua with #1C or #BAS:
    - full transfer of information about the goods to #1c:Enterprise or BAS
    - comparison of goods between 1C / BAS and #rozetka (which does not cover goods)
    - full upload of information on goods, prices and residues to the website on Rozetka.ua
    - Download orders from #rocket to 1C:Enterprise or BAS.


    #rozetka.ua #rozetka #owox #xml #XML/YML #internet store #integration #Price aggregators #api-development #api
  • 158 USD

    Private Investments24 for Physical Persons and FOPs

    Exposure in Private24 accounts on payment (invoices) to natural persons and FOPs:
    Automatic payment of the account directly to Private24
    - convenient IBAN payments - there is no need to introduce any requests on payment
    Updating the status of investors for payment control
    Possibility of working without RRO/PRRO
  • 79 USD

    Currency rates of the NBU

    Replacement of RDI service - work without signatures:
    - download / update of NBU courses for selected currencies
    Automatic settlement for the currency rate of the NBU
    - does not require the ITS signature and / or the RDI service signature
  • 315 USD

    Fiscal checks for any accounting operations

    Fiscalization of sales:
    - compliance with the requirements of the Order 329
    - Reflecting all possible transactions in fiscal checks
    - reliable and comprehensive solution for shops and online shops
    It works stable and without mistakes.
    Offline support
    Transition from other prro

    We make it easier for you to work with the fiscal accounting operations!

    by PRRO
  • 131 USD

    Cash combination of POS-terminal and 1C/BAS

    Casco combination of POS equination terminals with 1C / BAS according to the BPOS or JSON protocol.
    - necessary for the PRRO to comply with the norms and the requirements of the Order 329
    Increases customer service and reduces the number of errors.

    We connect the POS terminals of any bank:
    #pos #prro #bpos #json #android #ingenico #verifone #a930
  • 158 USD

    Integration with Internet Equating Monopay for 1c/bas

    The module allows you to download and transfer payments to the Internet Equating Monopay, automatically determine which payment has been made by the Order, downloads the payment data of the EPS, which allows you to use it together with the PRRO to fulfil the mandatory requirements of the Order 329 on mandatory requests for calculations by electronic payment means (EPS) or cards in human language.

    #monobank #monopay #1c #bas
  • 158 USD

    Integration with Fondy for 1C/BAS

    The integration module with the Internet Equating Fundy:
    - for the download and automatic discharge of payments from the sites on order of buyers from different sources
    The possibility of correctly issuing fiscal checks according to the Order 329.
    - removal of routine tasks from the responsible for payments and operational display of payment operations in the accounting system

    #fondy #1c #1cunf #internet shop #prepaid

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  • Real expert
  • Craft master
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  • First-class quality
  • Nice communication
  • High responsibility
  • Great price
  • Lightning fast

The work was done in full and exhausted!
The executive took the task very responsibly.
He was always in contact, demonstrating initiative to solve problems.
If you need a professional approach and a 200% done work, I advise to contact Alexander.
Thank you again, it was a pleasure to work, I’m sure I’ll call you again!


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