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Arsen B.

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Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
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Business consulting



  • Project of chocolate flowers

    Video advertising
    Rose Chocolate
    Chocolate bouquet workshop

    2021 year
    3 partners decided to create a workshop for chocolate bouquets and turned to BIM Solutions with the idea, name, first created bouquet, and a strong desire to build a business on this.

    What we did
    - Calculated the project's economics and developed a business model.
    - Developed a promotion strategy, created positioning.
    - Conducted a photo session of the first bouquet.
    - Launched an advertising campaign on Meta.
    - Hired and trained a community manager.
    - Created bouquet pricing.
    - Launched a PR campaign (bloggers).
    - Developed a website.
    - Assisted with documentation.
    - Assisted with opening an individual entrepreneur, accounting.
    - Established business processes and communication.
    - Created working documents for client management.

    2022 year
    The workshop confidently feels in the market, operates at its maximum capacity. There are large B2B orders, a constant flow of B2C clients.
    Margin is 50%, revenue reached 350 thousand UAH, and full-scale expansion began.

    After a 2-month break, sales were resumed. However, it was not possible to achieve pre-war indicators due to the product's lack of relevance in the required volumes at the moment.

    2023 year
    2 out of 3 partners moved to America.
    It was decided to suspend active advertising campaigns during the war, retaining an up-to-date customer base.

    Creating chocolate bouquets for clients from organic traffic channels and for regular B2B clients.

    Developed an educational program for creating chocolate bouquets. Launched a training course.

    2 partners who moved to America continue to create chocolate bouquets there. They participate in exhibitions, have sales as an additional income.

    We await the restoration of justice and a stable situation in the country so that the men can continue to make their loved ones happy with chocolate bouquets from Rose Chocolate.
  • Project water delivery

    Bot development
    Polar Spring
    Artesian water delivery service in Kyiv

    3 partners started a water delivery business in Kyiv, later opening a branch in Dnipro.

    The company's income source is regular clients with monthly orders.

    After a full-scale invasion, the warehouses were looted, and the workshop was destroyed due to shelling.
    The business was not operational for 2 months. Over 95% of the client base switched to competitors who were able to operate during this time.
    The partners went abroad - unable to continue the business.
    Production had to be set up from scratch.

    One founder remains with a strong desire to grow the business.
    1 manager, 1 driver. 3 orders per day for 7 bottles. And a Google spreadsheet with the database of old clients.

    Turning to BIM Solutions, there was a request for a quick restoration of the database, acquiring new clients. The opportunity was to work only in Kyiv.

    What we did
    - Analyzed the market, digitized the business model, developed a marketing strategy, created a new positioning.
    - Launched advertising campaigns on Google and Meta to attract new clients.
    - Started SMM.
    - Helped obtain product compliance certificates and compiled specifications.
    - Assisted in creating a department to attract B2B clients. Registered a partner on tender platforms.
    - Created all necessary documents for the company's operations.
    - Implemented a CRM system and additional integrations with the website.
    - Optimized logistics.
    - Assisted with accounting and finances.
    - Created a Telegram bot for free information for regular clients and quick orders.
    - Expanded the range of additional products and artesian water.
    - Streamlined business processes and communication between departments.

    4 managers, 4 drivers, and a delivery service manager. 80+ orders, transporting 200 bottles daily. Only efficient business units are operational.
    The owner receives monthly profits from the business.
    A strong partnership for the next decade between Polar Spring and BIM Solutions.

    And of course, thanks to the work done, the company was able to send 70-100 tons of water to the front lines and occupied territories!
  • Craft brewery project

    Lead generation and sales
    Craft Dairy

    2021 year
    In the small village of Kudrivka, in Chernihiv region, a craft dairy is being built by an entrepreneur, investor, and native of the village.
    Local residents and experienced technologists from neighboring cities were involved in the work.
    They mainly produced hard cheeses and sold them at familiar markets, and approached local organizations.

    2022 year
    After a full-scale invasion, the dairy had to be temporarily closed.
    They resumed operations, worked for several months, and then a blackout occurred. Power outage for the enterprise is critical. Generators are not coping.
    Once again, they were forced to close production for the winter period and sell off remaining products.

    2023 year
    They decided to resume production and sales. They have a Facebook page called "Craft Cheeses" and a sales point in their yard.
    They turned to BIM Solutions for help with their business.

    What we have done
    - Analyzed the market, conducted test runs of advertising to assess potential.
    - Developed a marketing strategy, created brand positioning.
    - Changed the name to "Kudrivsky Cheeses".
    - Designed a logo, labels, packaging.
    - Reached agreements with partners on packaging materials.
    - Conducted a photoshoot of the products.
    - Developed tasting sets as the main product.
    - Launched an advertising campaign on Meta.
    - Started managing social media.
    - Hired and trained managers.
    - Developed sales and communication scripts.
    - Implemented a CRM system.
    - Created a website.
    - Assisted in obtaining a production license.
    - Developed and implemented the customer journey from first contact to repeat sales.
    - Launched an advertising campaign to attract B2B clients.
    - Prepared all necessary documentation.
    - Created advertising materials for clients and B2B clients.
    - Set up accounting.
    - Established business processes and interdepartmental communication.
    - Assisted with the production expansion project.
    - Assisted in opening their own chain of stores in Chernihiv, Kyiv, and Sosnytsia.
    - Created training materials for new employees.
    - Launched a PR campaign (bloggers, press, television).
    - Assembled a creative department to create video content in Reels, TikTok, Shorts formats.
    - Opened their own NP department at the dairy to optimize logistics.
    - Created an official business account in Viber for mailings.
    - Automated communication with customers.

    2024 year
    A team of 20+ employees. Processes are streamlined.
    Over 7000 clients nationwide. Over 2000kg of products sold per month.
    Company revenue of 700,000 - 1,000,000 UAH per month.

    And this is just the beginning!
  • 394 USD

    SMM PD

    Social media marketing
    Full management of SMM client.
    - creation of content plan
    - creation of videos and photos
    - profile filling
  • 246 USD

    Google advertising

    Lead generation and sales
    We are taking the first place in the auction. We capture all possible traffic in the market.
    We do not disclose the market within the client's confidentiality
  • 492 USD

    Development of a website for a water delivery service

    Development of a website for an artesian water delivery service in Kyiv.

    Stood out from other websites on the market.
  • 492 USD

    Development of a website for a craft dairy.

    Web programming
    Developed a website on a constructor to save client resources and development time. Integrated with CRM, payment systems, bots.

    Works efficiently, brings over 90% of orders to the company.
  • 418 USD

    Targeting in Meta - product niche

    Social media advertising
    - Development of promotion strategy using advertising tools of Meta (Facebook, Instagram).
    - Development of video creatives and texts
    - Launch and optimization of advertising campaigns

    - Maintenance of target indicators of order prices and order volumes.
  • 369 USD

    SMM KC

    Social media marketing
    Full management of SMM client.
    - creating a content plan
    - influencer marketing
    - creating videos and photos
    - profile filling

    The client has been working with us from the very beginning until now
  • 369 USD

    Promotion of Craft Cheese Manufacturers

    Lead generation and sales
    The goal of the project:
    Connecting new customers for the first purchase.
    Keeping customers on re-order.
    Maintain the target price of the order.

    The Decision:
    It was decided to go the “academic” path.

    We launch advertising campaigns on different channels:
    Tick Stream, Instagram - work with bloggers. for covering.
    Meta Ads is Conversion. for sale.
    Meta Ads is recognizable. for the retention.
    Google Ads is a Google Shopping. for presence and sale.

    In Meta Ads, we break down traffic to different audiences and broadcast each of them different messages, depending on the stage of the enemy they are:
    Cold audience - broadcasting knowledge messages about products, with a detailed review
    They know, but have not yet bought - the products are transmitted from the UTP on the first order.
    Buyed - content is transmitted for the beauty, love for the brand.

    The conclusions:
    The customer is fully satisfied with the results and the price of the order. Thanks to the combination of all actions, new solutions were found in the promotion of this product.
  • 2460 USD

    Promotion of mobile add-ons

    Lead generation and sales
    The goal of the project:
    Connecting customers for a 7-day trial period.The Decision:
    It was decided to launch advertising in Google Ads, and that is:
    Search Advertising (TV channels, movies, series, general requests, brand requests)
    Dynamic campaign
    CSM (Cold Auditorium and Remastered)
    YouTube Video Campaign
    Discivery Campaign

    Specifically in the new account, advertising campaigns were allocated to the UAC app (to avoid cannibalization of traffic between companies).The 2ndFacebook Ads is:
    - Manual and automatic campaigns for installing applications
    - Conversion campaign on the website (test period registration)

    Hypotheses were tested by audiences, creative concepts.Effectively managed the advertising budget even at $45,000 a day, only in Meta.The conclusions:
    The customer is completely satisfied with the results.Current advertising campaigns are scaled, new formats of advertising are being tested.The company has fully attached to the market of Ukraine in TOP 2 for a year of work with me and started expansion to other countries.The name of the project is not announced within the framework of the NDA.
  • 1156 USD

    Working with NDA

    On all the projects we work with, we find unique solutions. To be displayed the "genetic code" of the company, its positioning, its language of communication with the customer, its visual recognition.

    Therefore, I have no right, according to the signed NDA, to disclose the commercial secrets of the projects I participated in.
    I can only in private messages send pages and websites of brands with which I work or have worked, describe in the general work done, without clear numbers.

    Certainly, you also appreciate the confidentiality of your processes and don’t want them to be shared in open sources.

    Let’s discuss your project personally. And we will find interesting and effective solutions!


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