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Vitaly Matsiborka

Offer Vitaly to work on your next project.

Ukraine Mukachevo, Ukraine
3 hours 23 minutes ago
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    Good day,

    My name is Vitaliy. I possess more than 20 years of experience in the field of information technology, including 15 years in the IT business sector. Over this time, I have accumulated significant experience in applying information technology to improve business processes.

    My key competencies include the installation, configuration, and connection of server systems on various operating systems. I also specialize in developing web applications with the integration of third-party products. This encompasses a wide range of technologies, from video surveillance and facial recognition systems to automatic vehicle tracking systems and biometric scanners for personnel.

    Additionally, I have experience in developing Telegram bots for businesses, including systems for informing management about events at the enterprise and providing employees with reference information through Telegram.

    My work is focused on solving complex and interesting challenges that require a creative approach and innovative solutions. I am skilled at efficiently finding the necessary technologies and performers to fulfill the tasks set by clients, and I understand the importance of downtime and the implementation of new solutions for business, knowing how to save time and resources for the client.

    I am an official partner of Bitrix24, Checkbox, OnBox, Ajax System, Dahua.

    As a sole proprietor registered in the third group, I can provide a complete package of documents for the services provided or software sold. I also have experience working with government structures.



    • 163 USD

      Deploy a terminal Windows Server

      System administration
      Technical Specification:
      Deploy a terminal Windows Server with a VPN server for access.

      It was decided to use the cloud provider Gigacloud. Based on their technology, an infrastructure with a virtual machine Windows Server 2016 and MikroTik was deployed. In MikroTik, an L2TP VPN was created and a network infrastructure was built. This protected the Windows Server from external threats.
      A daily backup was also configured.
    • 501 USD

      Backend system.

      The client tasked us with creating a system that would extract data from the KeyCRM system via API. All data must be stored in a database and, after processing, sent to Google Sheets using an API.

      Python, combined with the Django framework, was proposed for the project implementation. Celery and Redis were used to automate the data sending process. Restrictions on the frequency of requests to KeyCRM and Google were considered, ensuring the system does not exceed set limits and avoids blockages. The frequency of server queries can be adjusted via the administrative panel. This phase of the work was completed in the shortest possible time.

      Despite the rapid development, the project was designed to allow for scalability and enhanced functionality.

      The client suggested moving to a permanent collaboration, which prompted the modernization of the product and the expansion of its functionality beyond the initial technical specifications. It was proposed to create a unified order receiving system with the ability to accumulate client information and protect against fraud. A user verification system through reCAPTCHA was integrated. Thanks to a unified data processing system across all landings, the implementation of new sales points takes minimal time.

      The system continues to function and is maintained. The implementation of new functionalities occurs within a matter of hours.

      Currently, a system for accumulating client geo-data using external services has been implemented. This information is sent in real-time to KeyCRM, the database, and email with each new order.

      There are currently more than 30 landings.
    • 125 USD

      An example of a bot

      An example of a bot that conducts a survey of a job candidate. The bot asks questions and receives answers from the user. All data is stored in a database. The owner of the bot has the ability to add or delete questions and answer options!
    • 434 USD

      Bot Development

      Bot Development for a Major Company: A unique bot was developed to inform employees at an enterprise. The program is integrated with various information sources and is capable of sending notifications to employees automatically, either on a schedule or upon request. Features of the bot include alerts about unauthorized vehicle entry onto the premises, sending reports on employees' arrival at work, and the ability to search information by vehicle number and employee surname. Technologies used in this project include Python, Celery, Redis.
    • 125 USD

      The online shop.

      Web programming
      Services for the optimization and configuration of the website for electronic commerce:

      Correction of errors on the site: Fast and efficient removal of technical and functional faults to ensure the stable operation of the site.
      Including online sales possibilities: Activation and setting all the necessary functions to carry out sales through the internet.
      Re-set the catalogue of goods: Full creation and configuration of the list of goods, including detailed description, values and photos.
      E-commerce settings: Full integration and configuration of the e-commerce system, including the shopping cart, methods of payment and delivery.
      Activation notified to customers and employees: Set up automatic notifications about the status of orders for customers and notified to employees about new orders and changes.
      Consultations on the site: Training and providing recommendations to customers on the use and management of the site, including content management, order processing and analytics.
    • 271 USD

      Charitable Fund

      Web programming
      Website based on wix
    • 499 USD

      The online shop

      Web programming
      Online shop on the WIX base
      HTTPS www.dubik-m.ua
    • 25 USD

      Examples of price parcel.

      We get prices for the iPhone ... A small example without add-ons. Name and price. But there may be more. It can also automatize with mail and telegram, with protection from the bath, etc.
      Video HTTPS://youtu.be/svuu4sPn5P4
    • 65 USD

      Improvement and improvement of the finished system

      The client had a desire to build his system of access control to the territory. The task was to receive a photo-fixation message about the manual discovery of the shlagbaum. The announcement of the discovery was resolved using http://Ajax.systems/. However, this did not solve the issue of photography. After Ajax.systems created an API and gave access to my partners, I was able to realize such a functionality. There was an add-on, which through the telegram-bot sends a photo with messages about those who have opened one or another slagbaum. Video surveillance cameras make photos from different corners and send to customers at Telegram.

      Use of equipment:
      by Ajax
      Camera of Dahua

      Programming of Technology:
      by Python
      by Celery
      by Redis
      API of Ajax
      Fire of Dahua
    • 293 USD

      Information system of the customer about changing the phone number.

      Solution of task! Our customer was required to have an efficient system of automation of notifications about changing the employee’s phone number. When trying to call the old number the customer was informed that the number was changed and there was no radio connection over it. At the same time, the customer received a SMS notification about changing the number of the employee, which indicated a new number.

      The employee, in turn, received a notification of the customer’s call to the old number, whether it via Telegram, if connected to the bot, or SMS. If the customer has called more than 2 times, the SMS was not sent, but the employee was still receiving notifications via Telegram or by email.

      This system guarantees the rapid and accurate information of all stakeholders about the changes in the contact information of the employee. Comfort and efficiency in one solution.
    • 434 USD

      Automotive passing to the territory of the car transparent.

      The customer was required to automatize the passing of cars on a closed area.To solve this task, numbers-recognition cameras and Python app were used to manage the data obtained from 1C systems and web platforms.The system works in automatic mode: when receiving data from #1C about new vehicles, the system introduces them into the cameras that control the slagbaum.To optimize performance, #Python used technologies such as #Celery and #Redis.It was also integrated #telegram-bot, developed separately, to detect unauthorized access to closed territory.Customers receive notifications with photographs of cars that have access to the territory.The system includes levels of information and notification, depending on the premises and responsible employees.Users can check the numbers through a telegram bot or a web interface.On the special site you can view the data of machines that have passed the control system, with fixation of time and photographs.The administrator has a full log that shows who and when added a specific vehicle to the control system.A separate module has also been developed for room rents, allowing them to access the closed area to their guests or office cars.
    • 300 USD

      Postal server based on Lynux

      Software and server configuration
      Full configuration and support of the mail server based on Lynux.
    • 251 USD

      Installing a server for large loads.

      Software and server configuration
      Set up and optimize the Linux-based server for large loads, with minimal capabilities. Continuous monitoring of the system.
    • 251 USD

      Set up a web server with full outsourcing.

      Software and server configuration
      In connection with the holes in WordPress, the Linux server had to be completely restored to ensure the site works safely. The complete isolation.
    • 25 USD

      Visit page, a web page.

      The site is removed :)

    Reviews and compliments on completed projects 3


    The task is done quickly. The result is satisfied.

    26 December 2023 38 USD
    Make-up on the WIX website


    I am very grateful to Vitaly for the work done. It was worked so that the goods came into the basket, as it was necessary in the task. The work was done quality and mainly fast, which was very important for me.


    Everything is done clearly and quickly, I recommend the work.


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