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  1. 82    2  0
    1 day1000 UAH

    Hello there!
    I'm interested with this job, especially I like that you use Microsoft Cognitive Services. Can you write to me please via personal messages?

  2. 410    14  0   1
    1 day1111 UAH

    Ready to complete your project.
    Online 24/7. Contact.
    All details in private messages.

  3. 253    3  0
    30 days30 000 RUB

    look resume
    I can start throw 2 weeks.

  • Lyubomyr Ruchenchyn
    24 January 2020, 23:13 |

    Hi. Can you show more artifacts about this project?

  • Michael Isaev
    25 January 2020, 14:48 |

    i am happy to discuss and show on screen, so please contact me

    my skype: mikhaillondon

  • Valerii Gurov
    25 January 2020, 2:19 |

    Вы бы хоть информации побольше дали...

  • Evaldas Kuslevic
    25 January 2020, 11:02 |

    Hey, maybe you can provide more information about this project? It's is kinda difficult to make proposal on a project u don't.

  • Michael Isaev
    25 January 2020, 11:24 |

    some more details on the project

    the work is in phases, each 0.5 - 3 days long; in essence you need to implement the APIs in accordance with the spec - this will involve writing RESTful APIs, entity framework objects, SQLServer tables and SPs

    toolset: VS2019, MSSQL2019, SWAGGER, Postman

    you will be extending the existing framework with a few services already present, so you will use this as a sample


    1. to move 2-3 APIs (MS Cognitive) already written and working in a separate MVC project in onto the framework, this would be the test task so if successful then

    2. put SSL and identity server in (again the code is present, just configuration)

    3.  adding more APIs

    for more info or question: skipe mikhaillondon