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    1 day28 USD

    What do you want to do with the book? ........................................................................................
    На чём написан бэк для бота?------------------------------------------

  2. 838    16  0
    7 days51 USD

    Good day ! The price and deadlines are conditional. I want to see the source code. I wait for personal messages.
    Добрый день! Указанная цена и сроки - условные. Хочется посмотреть исходный код. Жду в личных сообщениях

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  • Vitalii Zhovnirchyk
    28 February, 12:45 |

    На каком языке программирования написан бот и на какой библиотеке ?

  • Nataliia Sokolova
    28 February, 12:54 |

    Добрый день! Бот написан на питоне. Про библиотеки ничего не скажу,  я не программист, а редактор 🙂

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Development of SSML for bilingual text-to-speech using AI

25 USD

Project goal: It is necessary to write an SSML script for voicing English-Ukrainian text using a speech synthesis service based on artificial intelligence, for example, Google Cloud Text-to-Speech. Text for voicing: "ask спрашивать answer отвечать talk говорить". Main…

Machine learningBot development ∙ 4 proposals

Install the chat bot InsightFaceSwap on the Discord server

Install the chat bot InsightFaceSwap on the Discord server as a separate Python script to work indefinitely for face swapping. Get the script from https://github.com/deepinsight/insightface/tree/master/web-demos/swapping_discord If possible, install it on the server to work in…

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Development of a Chrome extension

202 USD

You need to create an automatic product that will accept deals from Telegram and conclude them on the platform, and then there is some functionality needed, you need to make a POCKET OPTION for the platform, there are examples of work

Web programmingBot development ∙ 7 proposals

Bot in TG based on neural network

101 USD

Looking for someone who can create a bot that can generate "images" well It is desirable that the person already has experience in implementing AI in the bot + the bot should have payment capability Everything is discussed, details in PM Leave your applications)

Bot development ∙ 15 proposals

Python WebApp telegram bot

A WebApp is required for an online store on Telegram. Add an admin panel for adding products, a shopping cart, a catalog, etc. There is an example, I will send it in private messages. Please provide estimates on price and deadlines, I await your proposals below. Programming…

Web programmingBot development ∙ 12 proposals

Nataliia Sokolova
Ukraine Kyiv  6  0
Project published
1 month 23 days ago