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Emulator gamepad on PC

Translated248 USD

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    10 days248 USD

    Probably could execute this project in language C or Python. But need more information. How exactly will this program be used?
    Напевно міг би виконати цей проект на мові С або Python. Але потрібно більше інформації. Як саме буде використовуватись ця програма?

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Implement the game Arkanoid with additions

Need to create a browser game similar to Arkanoid. Game features: - personal account - registration required; - player's personal account - referral system; etc. For detailed requirements, refer to the attached document. Looking for a team or individual with experience in game…

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Card game nine

It is necessary to create a very simple and primitive game, just to show the game algorithm. Ideally - C++ builder, although C++ is also possible. I can provide archives from which you can take cards, etc., the main thing is to do everything quickly and make it something simple.…

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Setting up Discord server

Congratulations! It is necessary to set up the Discord server of the Ukrainian community for the game Wuthering Waves. Add bots, roles, organize channels, write descriptions, etc. I already have a created server and have created some rooms myself, but I would like to bring it to…

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Our project is a gaming ecosystem in Telegram. We are looking for game developers who have experience working with web-3 game development, databases, and integrating them with Telegram.

Gaming applications ∙ 5 proposals

Translation: ``` Translate Advanced Jigsaw Inventory System from Blueprint to C++

248 USD

The project involves translating the existing Advanced Jigsaw Inventory system implemented in Blueprint in Unreal Engine 5 to C++ to improve productivity and expand functionality. The task also includes testing the speed before and after translation, as well as fixing current…

C and C++Gaming applications

Project published
1 month 13 days ago