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English US Marketing content writer

22 USD

  1. 68  
    3 days55 USD

    I can help you🤙Contact me✊
    I will do everything you need and I charge a little💵
    Могу вам помочь🤙Обращяйтесь✊
    Сделаю всё что вам нужно и беру маловато💵

  2. 256    1  1
    1 day22 USD

    Good evening, I have a C1 level of English, ready to quickly and qualitatively complete your task
    Доброго вечора, маю рівень англійської С1, готова швидко та якісно виконати Ваше завдання

  3. 2622    133  0
    30 days328 USD


    I am an experienced copywriter - TOP-60 here.

    I'm currently engaged with a similar project, focusing on enhancing mobile app content for the European and U.S. market. With my background in marketing content writing and proofreading, I am keen to bring a natural and attractive flair to your app.

    I am sure I can help you with ensuring the language is user-friendly and engaging. Don't hesitate to contact me!

  4. 1765    30  0
    1 day22 USD


    Do you need a proofreader, and marketing correction specialization?

    I'm a Copywriter and Voice Actor. I have questions about what you need, but I understand you need a professional touch from a native speaker who understands both sides of your target maket.

    I have the highest level of English. I'm an American. I've been a Copywriter, and Marketer for over 10 years and, I know what it takes to write a marketing text. I can help.

    Please message me so we can discuss more details.



  5. 3670    90  0
    1 day22 USD


    My English level is C2 (fluency), and I have a native American English speaker (professional copywriter) in my team who checks all of my work to ensure that everything is ideal. You may also opt to have your texts written by the native English speaker, at no extra costs!

    We have a lot of experience writing descriptions for apps, and I would be glad to share some samples of our work privately with you.

  6. 1146    41  0   2
    1 day22 USD

    Good day. I offer you the services of a copywriter. By education, I am a psychologist. In this field, I have been working for 12 years. During this time, I have learned to write both short texts for social media and serious, expert articles for businesses. My portfolio includes about 3000 articles in various fields (economics, beauty and health, sports, business, marketing, travel, blockchain, finance and loans, gambling and betting, repair and design). I write in different languages. I speak Ukrainian, Russian, German, English, French, and Polish. You can familiarize yourself with my work at the following link Google Drive The cost is 100 UAH for 1000 characters.
    Доброго дня. Пропоную вам послуги копірайтера. За освітою я психолог. У цій сфері я працюю вже 12 років. За цей час я навчилася писати як короткі тексти для соцмереж, так і серйозні, експертні статті для бізнесу. Моє портфоліо налічує близько 3000 статей в різних галузях ( економіка, краса та здоров'я, спорт, бізнес, маркетинг, подорожі, блокчейн, фінанси та кредити, гемблінг та беттінг, ремонт та дизайн). Пишу різними мовами. Володію українською, російською, німецькою, англійською, французькою та польською. З моїми роботами ви можете ознайомитися за посиланням Google Drive Вартість 100 грн за 1000 сбп.

  7. 240  
    2 days22 USD

    Hello. I work as a copywriter and rewriter. I have experience. I have time for work and the desire too. I complete tasks on time and guarantee quality. Details in personal messages.
    Здравствуйте. Работаю копирайтером и рерайтером. Опыт есть. Время на работу и желание тоже. Задания выполняю в сроки и гарантирую качество.
    Подробности в личных уведомлениях.

  8. 344    1  0
    5 days22 USD

    Hello Irina,
    Interesting project! It would be a pleasure to cooperate with you.
    Speed depends on the quantity of files and their size. Let's make it as user-friendly as possible!

  9. 4095    49  1   2
    1 day22 USD

    Hi there, I’m a UX writer with masters degree in English and deep expertise in multiple domains. DM me so I can send you samples of my writing cases and negotiate the project details.

  10. 1426    28  1
    1 day22 USD

    I have been working as a copywriter for over a year, and during this time I have written more than 200 texts on various topics in Ukrainian, English, German, and Russian languages. I have a B2 level in English and German.
    I use different writing styles, have skills in prompt engineering, SEO, LSI copywriting. I write texts in various formats: articles, posts, reviews, letters, news, advertising texts, landing pages, sales and informational texts, comments, reviews, translations, rewriting, and editing.
    I use the following services: text.ru, advego, grammarly, content-watch, istio, GPT 3 content detector, synonymizer, text 1 com, Google Docs, Excel, Canva, Copyscape, ChatGPT, copy.ai, Word, etxt, content-outline builder, pr-cy.
    I create meta tags: Title, Description. In general, I write concise, clear, structured, attractive, and precise texts. I can quickly find information and type, as well as have good writing skills.
    Я работаю копирайтером уже более года, и за это время написала больше 200 текстов на различные темы на украинском, английском, немецком и русском языках. Владею английским и немецким на уровне B2.
    Использую разные стили написания, имею навыки работы промпт-инженера, SEO, LSI копирайтинга. Пишу тексты различных форматов: статьи, посты, обзоры, письма, новости, рекламные тексты, лендинги, продажные и информационные тексты, комментарии, отзывы, переводы, рерайтинг и редактуру.
    Использую следующие сервисы: text.ru, advego, grammarly, content-watch, istio, GPT 3 content detector, synonymizer, text 1 com, Google Docs, Excel, Canva, Copyscape, ChatGPT, copy.ai, Word, etxt, content-outline builder, pr-cy.
    Составляю мета-теги: Title, Description. В целом пишу лаконичные, понятные, структурированные, привлекательные и четкие тексты. Умею быстро находить информацию и печатать, а также владею грамотным письмом.

  11. 411    6  0
    2 days22 USD

    I am a freelancer who would like to help you.
    I study copywriting and practise my skills every day.
    I speak Ukrainian, Russian, English and French.
    I do not use translators.
    I write reviews, articles.
    I work with clients and objections.
    I am ready for long-term cooperation, please contact me!

  12. 557    10  1   1
    1 day22 USD

    Good day.
    I have over 12 years of experience in writing SEO articles on the topics of sports, photography, real estate, gambling, furniture, dating, psychology, food, travel, sports, beauty, investment. I do translations. I studied in the UK. English C2.
    I work in google docs, sheets, surfer, and use grammarly, advego, copyscape, AI originality, content-watch, quetext, miratext, chatgpt for quality content.
    I will be glad to join your project. I can share examples of my work or complete a test task. Ready to start now.
    Добрый день.
    Имею более 12 лет опыта написания SEO статей на темы sports, photography, real estate, gambling, furniture, dating, psychology, food, travel, sports, beauty, investment. Выполняю переводы. Училась в UK. Английский С2.
    Работаю в google docs, sheets, surfer, и использую grammarly, advego, copyscape, AI originality, content-watch, quetext, miratext, chatgpt для качественного контента.
    Буду рада присоединиться к вашему проекту. Поделюсь примерами своей работы или выполню тестовое задание. Готова начать сейчас.

  13. 345    5  0
    1 day22 USD

    Hello, I can complete this task, please write in private messages!
    Привет, могу выполнить это задание, напишите в личные сообщения!

  14. 4237    162  1
    1 day22 USD

    Hi, Irina.
    I am interested in your proposal.
    I work with translation and proofreading texts of different themes.
    Will be happy to work with your project.

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