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Green Expectations, LLC.

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  1. 4214    63  3   3
    5 days3500 UAH

    Greetings, Boris!

    I will develop ui design for a real estate project. I will create a structure that is well thought out from a marketing point of view. We'll highlight the pitfalls, focus on the main message, and work on lead magnets to create added value. I have experience in real estate.

    Portfolio: Freelancehunt Behance
    Write to discuss.

  2. proposal concealed by freelancer
  3. 1526    14  0
    7 days8000 UAH

    Здравствуйте, Борис!

    Выполню быстро и качественно Ваш проект!
    Детали можем обсудить в ЛС
    Работы в портфолио или по ссылкам ниже.

    Dribbble - Dribbble
    Behance - Behance

  4. 2368    23  0
    7 days15 000 UAH

    I am the founder of 2SA creative agency, we are ready to develop your design
    - Our specialization is UX / UI design;
    - A team of 2+ people will work on your project;
    - We perform the project in Figma, where you can track the work process live;
    - Before starting the project, we contact and discuss the terms and all the details;
    Behance Behance

  5. 610    4  0
    3 days3000 UAH

    Hello! My name is Anya, I am a UI/UX designer. I can conduct an SEO audit and help with design.

    Here is my portfolio: Behance

    Looking forward to your respond.

  6.  freelancer isn't working in the service any longer
  7. proposal concealed by freelancer
  8. 1192    5  0
    10 days8000 UAH

    Здравствуйте, Борис!
    Заинтересовало Ваше предложение, хотел бы с Вами сотрудничать! Напишите мне в ЛС для обсуждения все деталей! Имеется опыт в решении такого рода задач!
    Сделаю за приятную цену и не большие сроки — в рамках данного проекта.
    Моё портфолио на Behance: Behance
    Основная программа для работы - Figma. Также владею такими программами как Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD.

    Свободен для работы, напишите мне в Личные сообщения! Всегда отвечу!
    Мой девиз - качественно и в срок!

  9. proposal concealed by freelancer
  10. 335    1  0
    14 days10 000 UAH

    Hello, Boris!

    Would you be able to test your website and changes with target audience? I would explain what I need and how exactly to test.

    I mean, I can do design more user-friendly, but without test it would be based solely on my experience and my projection of user needs. Which surely would lead to some mistakes, because some of my expectations would fail. This statement is true for any UX/UI designer of any level of exerience. If you need to make something good for specific person, the best way is to ask this person what they need and how exactly they need it. To test it then and to get rid of all wrongs.

    As for visual part - I want to know a bit more about your company, it's image, it's nature and temper. So I can reflect it in design. Overall, I would want interact with you quite often in the process of redesign.

    I would work for $10/h

    Let's make something great ;)