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MariaDB 10.8.3 on Debian 11, check & optimize server conf

800 UAH

  1. 340    7  0
    1 day800 UAH

    Good afternoon. Ready to check the server to optimize the database and traffic. There is experience. Contact us!

  2. 1702    91  0
    3 days1000 UAH

    Hi Teo. Very interesting task i can check a MySQL config and try to optimize it if it need. I'm waiting to feedback. Thx.

  3. 1960    27  1   1
    2 days1000 UAH

    Ready to work. Write
    + + + + + + + + + +
    готов работать. пишите

  4. 632    9  1
    1 day800 UAH

    Hello! I can optimize the database, but I will need to monitor the web server for several hours, read the logs and configure everything based on this data.

  • Vitaly T.
    10 August, 23:05 |

    Hey, man. DEADLOCKS? Optimizations of the DB will not solve the problem. Bad web-application architecture. Do not waste time on DB optimization)

  • Teo L.
    10 August, 23:25 |

    Thanks for the advice 🙂, I'll look into this for the deadlocks.

    I'll still need DB optimization just to be sure, because it's the default installation and I'm starting to get traffic.

    I'll DM you, maybe we can make a separate gig for the deadlocks 😉