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  1. 120  
    1 day3 USD

    Здравствуйте. Готов сделать ваш заказ. Цену обговорим. Буду рад сотрудничеству.

  2. 411    13  0   2
    3 days59 USD

    Цена за 3 модели/ сделаю за 2-3 дня.
    Начну с 1 модели, если качество подойдет, сделаю остальное.
    Портфолио - Behance

  3. 1364    47  0
    7 days76 USD

    Добрый день. Готов сотрудничать. С примерами работ и отзывами клиентов можно ознакомиться в моём профиле или на моём сайте 3dneed.com

  4. 757    44  0
    3 days76 USD

    Добрый день! Готов сделать.
    Портфолио Behance
    e-mail: [email protected]
    skype: andriy_ivanochko
    viber +380961160707
    Спасибо за внимание!

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Current freelance projects in the category 3D modeling and visualization

3D model of a dog (puppy) Cartoon Style!

300 USD

It is necessary to create a 3D model of a dog (puppy). I will provide references. As a main example: https://www.turbosquid.com/ru/3d-models/cartoon-dog-rig-3d-model-1680790 Will be used in a game. Different angles, poses, and "facial expressions" are needed. Send your works.…

3D modeling and visualization3D modeling ∙ 7 proposals

Design of a self-service street coffee shop

Design of a self-service street cafe. It is necessary to edit the provided design of a self-service street cafe and create a visualization (drawing) of the exterior and interior. Update and improve the existing design of the cafe, make it "for us." Make changes to the existing…

3D modeling and visualization ∙ 11 proposals

Creating a 3D model from an image

38 USD

Hello! It is necessary to make a 3D model from the drawing, namely the subject will be an icon. The model is needed to create an STL for CNC. The size is approximately 300*250*40 thickness.

3D modeling and visualization ∙ 3 proposals

Develop a Macbook mockup in 4 perspectives

25 USD

Congratulations! We have a 3D scene of Cybertruck with a Macbook Pro on the hood, for which 4 high-quality renders in different positions/angles need to be created to produce mockups. 1. It is necessary to select 4 most successful positions and render them for approval. 2.…

3D modeling and visualizationPhoto processing ∙ 9 proposals

Development of furniture sketches for animals

101 USD

There is a task to develop a range of wall-mounted furniture for cats. Shelves, stairs, ladders need to be designed. It will be made of plywood on a laser machine.

Vector graphics3D modeling and visualization ∙ 21 proposals

Dauren Yerzhigit
Kazakhstan Chimkent  2  0
Project published
6 years ago