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Installing the Google Merchant


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    1 day25 USD

    Good day .

    I do throughout the day. I have a ready module for your task.
    You will need access to the web hosting and the site management panel.
    Доброго дня.

    Виконаю протягом дня. Маю готовий модуль для реалізації вашої задачі.
    Для початку робіт буде потрібен доступ до хостингу та панелі керування сайтом.

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    1 bid hidden

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Transfer the website to MODX from one hosting to another

Need to transfer the site to MODX revо from virtual hosting https://freehost.com.ua/ to another hosting: https://www.ukraine.com.ua/ Additionally, need to deploy two copies on subdomains: test.domain dev.domain The site currently occupies: Files on the server: 1350.51…

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Need to layout pages and set up on WP

123 USD

1. Need to layout this https://moodlemates.com/ Landing Page and integrate with WP + trigger Facebook event ViewContent 2. When RESERVE LAUNCH INVITE is clicked, we should save the email to the database and display the number of Email subscriptions (leads) on the dashboard 3. It…

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Redo plugin for redmine (Ruby on Rails)

To Ruby on Rails specialists familiar with the Redmine application There is a resource plan plugin for Redmine that needs to be made user-friendly. 1) Opening the resource plan window. In the window, there is a filter with 5 interdependent fields, the contents of which are…

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Update the list of branches and ATMs of Nova Poshta on the website

Good day! The website creatorsynt.com on open cart. It is necessary to upload all active branches and Nova Poshta parcel lockers in bulk, for the customer to choose when ordering.

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It is necessary to increase the speed of the website

It is necessary to increase the speed of the site https://bariatr.com.ua/ on mobile devices. The site is in HTML. When submitting an application, write what you can offer and the price.

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Sergey Koshmal
Ukraine Kyiv  34  1
Project published
9 months 12 days ago