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Writing sales posts for InstagramНаписание продающих постов для инстаграм

Translated299 UAH

Client's feedback on cooperation with Karina G.


Unfortunately, the work was not done in full, the text does not meet the requirements, after submitting the correction, the result was not obtained properly, the task was urgent, the deadline was not fulfilled.

Freelancer's feedback on cooperation with Daniil Buzinov

Task formulation

There have been negative impressions from the cooperation.
The first version of two of the three posts was not as the customer would like. After making corrections throughout the day, the customer entered the site, but I did not get a response from it. For this, of course, I need to reduce the assessment of contact. I’m going to go out in the morning and the project is closed as unfulfilled.

I totally disagree with the customer's review, as I think freelancers should know the ugly experience of my cooperation. If you’ve done the job and it didn’t like the customer, then the correction is useless. You won’t get any answers and money for work. The rules of the project are provided for 3 days after the project is submitted for correction and verification, but this is not for Daniel.

It managed through the arbitration to get money for its work, but of course negative experience and feedback on the page. I do not recommend working with this customer.

Karina G. | Safe Safe

  1. proposal concealed by freelancer
  2. proposal concealed by freelancer
  • Maryna Vishinska
    9 July, 10:44 |

    "нужно будет составить 1-2 пакета внедрения" 

    Кто должен составить пакеты? Копирайтер? Или вы даете информацию и нужно только описать?

  • Daniil Buzinov
    9 July, 10:48 |

    Пакеты внедрения составлю самостоятельно, их нужно будет описать основываясь на первом блоке задания.

Daniil Buzinov
Kazakhstan Almaty (Alma-Ata)  1  1
Project published
4 months 19 days ago