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New logo design

  1. 1052    31  0
    2 days800 UAH

    Hi, Denis,

    I’ll gladly make a logo for your company. The brand name is cool so the logo will be cool as well. I can make 3 variants and the best one for you will be improved till you are completely satisfied.

    Do you have 5-10 minutes to fill in a brief tomorrow morning?

    Looking forward to receiving your reply and I’ll be happy to help you :)

  2.  freelancer isn't working in the service any longer
  3. proposal concealed by freelancer
  4. proposal concealed by freelancer
  5.  freelancer isn't working in the service any longer
  6. 366    3  0
    6 days700 UAH

    Hi Denis. I have experience in logo design. I will be happy to design the perfect logo for youwith some options. I am open to communication so I am ready to answer any questions. Tell me more about your project and tasks. Thank you

  7. 553    10  0
    2 days600 UAH

    I will be happy to take on a model of the original logo that will highlight the quality of the product. I will specify the exact price and date when I see the amount of work. I work without prepayment. I can start immediately after discussing the details.

    As a result, you will receive a logo in any format convenient for you (.ai .psd .pdf, etc.)

    And as a bonus, after completing the work, I will help you upload the logo to the site / page / blog (correct sizes, color profile and security fields). In general, I will finish the project.

    In a word, you will be satisfied with the result. I will be very happy if you choose me!

    Don't look at the rating, take a look at the portfolio :) Freelancehunt

  8. 238  
    3 days500 UAH

    Good day, with great pleasure I will take on your project, I have a robot on time and up to three logo variations, the booth is glad to cooperate)

  9. 615    8  1   1
    3 days800 UAH

    Interested in your project.
    I'll make a couple variants of logo with the moose.
    What topic of your product?
    Text to me please.

  10. 6417    93  1   3
    5 days2000 UAH

    Разрабатываю логотипы в большом диапазоне стилей.

    Моё портфолио вы можете посмотреть у меня на странице.

    Цена и сроки указаны в заявке. Сроки указаны без учета правок и времени ожидания обратной связи.

    Если у вас нет ТЗ, то я скину вам на заполнение свой бриф.

    Предоставлю 3 варианта на выбор с доработкой понравившегося.

    Работаю по предоплате 50%, либо по безопасной сделке на сайте.

    Работу выполняю быстро и качественно, всегда укладываюсь в сроки.
    Буду рада сотрудничеству!

  11. 2740    35  1   4
    10 days2500 UAH

    greetings, Denis. the examples of my work can be found in the profile. I specialize in creating logos and corporate identity. the price is indicated for creating 2-3 unique logo options to choose from. I am waiting for feedback to clarify the details of the project

  12. 6038    199  1   6
    4 days1200 UAH

    День добрый.
    Более 15 лет профессионально занимаюсь рекламным графическим дизайном.
    Оригинальные логотипы.
    Специализируюсь на векторной графике, наружной рекламе, логотипах и фирменном стиле.
    Мое преимущество в том что я профессиональный художник.
    Делаю логотипы в любом стиле. Гербы, штампы, типографика, леттеринг, флат, материал дизайн, минимализм...
    Подготовлю файлы в необходимых форматах и размерах ai, eps, pdf, svg, psd, png, cdr...
    Готов выполнить вашу работу.
    Примеры смотрите в портфолио Freelancehunt

  13. 416  
    7 days9000 RUB

    We will create a logo for your company in 2-3 versions using moose symbols. We will also develop corporate elements for the logo at the next stage (as a separate order or we can issue at once). how the process takes place: after filling out a small brief, we make a lot of sketches, from which we choose the directions we like, work them out, then choose the final version and we prepare it for use. The cost is indicated for the logo. The timing may differ depending on the need for a more thorough study of options.
    Examples of some works can be found in the portfolio: Freelancehunt
    We are almost always online - we will be happy to help!

  14. 427    15  0
    7 days3800 UAH

    I am a specialist in the development of logos and corporate identity. I work in the style of minimalism, I will develop 2-3 logo options to choose from. as a result, you will have a logo ready for use on the web and for printing.
    Contact me, I will be glad to cooperate!

  15. 417  
    3 days8900 RUB

    Good afternoon. I will be happy to cooperate.
    I'm ready to start right now.

  16. 3259    60  0   1
    4 days3000 UAH

    Hello Denis. My name is Yaroslav. I am a graphic designer. I work with Logos, branding, illustrations.
    You can see my portfolio in the profile. Write, We will discuss the details.

  17. proposal concealed by freelancer
  18. proposal concealed by freelancer
  19. proposal concealed by freelancer
  20.  freelancer isn't working in the service any longer
  21. 1550
     23  0

    5 days3000 UAH


    🌿 More than 10 years in graphic design.
    🌿 I will develop 3-5 logo concepts.
    🌿 Bright, memorable, with character!
    🎨 Portfolio: Freelancehunt
    🤝 Contact, we will discuss all the details.

  22.  freelancer isn't working in the service any longer
  23. proposal concealed by freelancer
  24. 1055    23  0
    5 days2000 UAH

    Добрый день
    Буду рада выполнить ваш заказ
    Условия, сроки готова обсудить в л/ с

  25. proposal concealed by freelancer
  26. 6127
     83  1

    5 days1400 UAH

    Good day Denis.
    My name is Alexander.
    My experience in design is over 13 years.

    I have been working at Freelance for more than 3 years, in my free time from my main work.

    For you, I can do whatever you want and whatever you'll really like!
    And I want to offer you the following options for work:

    1. "Light"
    If you want a decent logo as soon as possible, I will gladly offer you 2-3 options and modify the chosen one to the desired look.
    It will take about 3-5 days.
    Budget - 1400 ₴

    2. "Full" or "Complete"
    I want to offer a more detailed and complete option.
    In this case, I will make for you 3-5 options to choose from, the most ready-made and not similar to each other.
    And I will finalize the selected option to the desired look.
    It will take around 5-8 days.
    Budget - 2400 ₴

    Upon completion of the project, you will receive vector sources in ai / pdf formats as well as raster versions in jpg / png
    The pdf file will contain the colors of your new logo in CMYK and RGB models, as well as safe fields.

    You can explore my portfolio in your profile or by following the links: Behance Freelancehunt

    I will be glad to work with you and develop a logo for you that will be remembered by everyone)

  27. 513  
    4 days1200 UAH

    Добрый день!
    Заинтересовал Ваш проект, буду рада сотрудничеству!
    Ссылка на мое портфолио:

    - оперативную обратную связь;
    - соблюдение сроков;
    - качественную работу на результат;
    - индивидуальный подход к каждому клиенту.

  28. 2626    127  0   7
    2 days600 UAH

    / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

    Логика стоимости разработки ЛОГОТИПА:
    600 грн реализация готовой идеи заказчика
    900 грн уникальная идея с реализацией
    +300 грн каждая последующая идея

    / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

  29. 1376    13  0
    10 days9000 UAH

    I offer cooperation. I will make several options to achieve the desired result.
    Take a look at my work.

    + Experience and a large portfolio with works of different styles
    + Numerous reviews of satisfied customers (Not long ago on this service. I will provide a link to the main profile).
    + Ability to work under a contract and pay to the current account.
    + I answer quickly. You can always call me
    + Free bonus to order:
    1. Beautiful avatar with a logo for social networks;
    2. Favicon for the site,
    3. Realistic demonstration of the logo in isometric view on several media.

  30. 1526    14  0
    3 days2800 UAH

    Добрый день!
    Готов выполнить Ваш проект!
    Детали можем обсудить в ЛС
    Работы можете просмотреть в портфолио или по ссылкам ниже.

    Dribbble - Dribbble
    Behance - Behance

  31. 4068    42  0   2
    15 days15 000 RUB

    Hi, Denis.
    I will professionally design the brand.
    I'll draw a gorgeous moose.
    Links to portfolio:

  32. proposal concealed by freelancer
  33. proposal concealed by freelancer
  34. proposal concealed by freelancer
  35. 593    8  1
    7 days3000 UAH

    Good day. Please contact.
    My graphics are from pencil sketch to vector drawing.
    You can choose a style of performance from my portfolio.

  36. proposal concealed by freelancer
  37. proposal concealed by freelancer
  38. proposal concealed by freelancer
  39. 15713
     329  2

    7 days4000 UAH

    I am 29 years old and I am a web & graphic designer located in Kyiv, Ukraine with over 7 years of freelance and studio experience.
    I would be happy to work with you.
    More works in my profile.

    I have designed more than 200 logos, and i have builded and designed more than 500 web sites, some of them are in profile

  40. 813    25  0
    2 days500 UAH

    Good afternoon, Denis!

    A certified graphic designer is at your service.
    I will be happy to take up your project.
    There is experience in such works.

    I am waiting for the details of the order, we will agree on the price!
    My portfolio: Behance

  41. 791    8  0
    3 days5000 UAH

    Готов качественно и в сжатые сроки сделать ваш заказ!
    Вы получаете три варианта лого в векторном формате на выбор.
    После чего я дорабатываю один из вариантов. В финальной версии вы получите лого в любом нужном формате (Ai/cdr/svg/png/jpg)
    Возможно создание анимации лого для заставки или перебивки в видео.
    Чтобы ускорить процесс создания и понять в каком стиле вам нужен лого я пришлю вам на заполнение бриф. После чего смогу назвать точную стоимость!
    Жду обратной связи!
    Портфолио: Google Drive

  42. 659    7  0
    3 days2800 UAH

    I don't speak English well, but I can draw.
    I can draw a moose.

  43. 159  
    5 days200 UAH

    Hello Denis!
    My name is Anna, I am a beginner graphic designer, I graduated from graphic design courses, I will make a logo for FREE! Why free? Because I need to "fill my hand" and replenish my portfolio, I will be very happy to cooperate, I can drop my work for you.
    I suggest starting with filling out a short brief to better understand all the details.

  44. 190    5  1
    1 day1500 UAH

    Здравствуйте , могу взяться за ваш проект..У меня богатый съёмочный и монтажный опыт, в том числе промо-материалов,
    Сделаю качественно, интересно и красиво.
    мой работа - https://www.facebook.com/timeprodution/videos/?ref=page_internal

  45. 505    2  0
    3 days2000 UAH

    Hello! Interested in your project. I am ready to develop an interesting logo for you. I will provide 3-5 options with the finalization of one option to the final. You can find examples of work in the profile. Contact

  46. proposal concealed by freelancer
  47. 1105    44  0
    2 days600 UAH

    Предлагаю свои услуги. Большой опыт работы в полиграфии
    Готов приступить сейчас.
    Пишите ,обговорим детали и приступим к работе :)

  48. 218  
    2 days2000 RUB

    Здравствуйте, Денис!

    Я Анастасия. Опыт в дизайне более 5 лет. С удовольствием сделаю логотип для канадского бренда. Я могу сделать 3 различных варианта, в выбранный вариант можно вносить корректировки, если потребуется. Мне нужно уточнить детали, чтобы начать работу.
    Мой опрос не займет много времени.

    С нетерпением жду вашего ответа и буду рада помочь вам :)

  49. proposal concealed by freelancer
  50. 847
     5  0

    7 days2500 UAH

    Hi Denis
    3 different concepts minimum.
    My work samples: https://content.freelancehunt.com/snippet/4be12/4f9e8/1156905/logos.jpg

  51. 910    10  1
    3 days3000 RUB

    Добрый день.
    Портфолио: be.net/sergey_yerysh
    С уважением, Ерыш Сергей Анатольевич.

  52. 2150    43  0   1
    5 days1200 UAH

    Hello, Denis!
    I will provide several design concepts to choose from.
    More than 8 years in logo design.
    More than 100 reviews on other freelance exchanges (I will give you a link).
    I work until full approval.
    My website: https://bbeautybranding.com/
    Portfolio: Freelancehunt
    Contact me!

  53. proposal concealed by freelancer
  54. 1167    26  0   1
    1 day1500 UAH

    Hello, interesting project, let's cooperate )
    Portfolio link - Behance

  55. 364    5  0
    2 days840 UAH

    I will make 3 variants of logo. I’m good at coloristic and customer physiology. I also have experience in creating logos for completely different brands
    I guarantee you high quality and memorable logo
    Send me more information and I am ready to begin right now

  56. 205    1  0
    5 days7000 RUB

    Good afternoon Denis. Looking for a recognizable and stylish logo? I can offer you 3-5 options, among which there will certainly be one that is ideal for you!
    With a bright logo, your company will be remembered and stand out from the competition.
    More than a hundred logos realized! 100 dollars minimum will be a logo

  57.  freelancer isn't working in the service any longer
  58. 365    5  1   1
    5 days6750 RUB

    Good evening. Work experience - 5.8 years. I work seven days a week. Portfolio in personal correspondence on request. 100% advance payment.

    Logo - 91 $. The development period is up to 5 days.

    Contact me,

  59. proposal concealed by freelancer
  60. 2176    20  1
    3 days1000 UAH

    Здравствуйте! Ознакомился с Вашим проектом, он меня заинтересовал.

    Создам уникальный дизайн логотипа исходя из Вашего пожелания.
    Все правки внесу бесплатно.
    Предоставлю как минимум 3 варианта и уложусь в срок(3-5 дней).
    Давайте обсудим детали в лс.

    Примеры есть в профиле и по ссылке:

  61. 798    15  0
    3 days3400 UAH


    You have an interesting project, so far I have not met anything like this. I can create a minimalistic logo with closed semantics for your brand.

    Examples of my work:
    Portfolio: Behance
    Website for online ordering: https://logo.hwork.net/
    Showreel (short video with all logos): https://vimeo.com/479380358
    Portfolio on this site: Freelancehunt

    If you like my work and you definitely want a minimalistic logo, then contact me. =)

    First, you will need to fill out the brief, then I will ask questions and start working.

  62. 316    5  0
    3 days5000 RUB

    Здравствуйте! Меня зовут Ксения. Хочу предложить разработку дизайна,который поможет привлечь внимание клиента и вывести ваш бизнес на новый уровень.
    Предоставлю несколько вариантов,понравившийся доведу до конца. При необходимости можно будет внести правки.
    Мои работы и стоимость можете посмотреть у меня в профиле. Если вас это заинтересовало, жду вашего ответа😊 Хорошего дня!🌸

  63. 68  
    1 day200 UAH

    I can do everything quickly and efficiently.
    In this area for a long time.
    I will do everything at the minimum cost.

  64. 195    7  0   1
    4 days3000 RUB

    Готова сотрудничать по Вашей задаче

    Ссылка на портфолио Behance
    С уважением, Елена