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Fix errors in the Flutter application


  1. 1346    9  0
    1 day30 USD

    Ready to start working. But to provide a preliminary estimate of the time required, can we review the application code?
    Готовы приступить к работе. Но для предоставления предварительной оценки времени выполнения можно ли ознакомится с кодом приложения?

  2. 1034    15  2   4
    1 day25 USD

    Hello, I need to see the code and task scope in order to estimate.
    Здравствуйте нужно увидеть код и скоуп задач чтобы можно было оценить

  • Aleksandr Vetrov
    15 April, 20:54 |

    Добрый день. Какие технологии (пакеты) используются в той части проекта которая уже написана?

  • Sergey Perehodov
    15 April, 22:15 |

    в трелло нет доступа

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Simplified version of Fixly

1984 USD

I would like to create a simplified version of an application similar to the current Fixly, which would have a basic division into categories such as Electrician, plumber, minor repairs, and could connect contractors and consumers. It must have a payment system, and a built-in…

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Development of an iOS camera application

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An iOS application needs to be developed that simulates a disposable photo camera, the project has 3 screens. -a filter similar to a disposable camera should be applied to the taken photo -the taken photo should animate sliding out from the bottom -there is a design in Figma…

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Development of an application

Project Goals:1. Development of a taxi ordering application. For example: ordering a taxi from point A to point B, pre-ordering a taxi or on the spot, ordering a taxi for a group of people, ordering a taxi for a friend, etc. We will describe typical user scenarios and analyze…

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MVP photo editor for iOS

A photo editor MVP needs to be created. Functionality: the ability to upload a photo from the library or take a photo, the photo can be edited with 2 tools: refine, reshape (similar in meaning to the "finger" tool in Photoshop, which stretches specific areas of the photo to edit…

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Android/IOS auth for WebView

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Hello! There is a website wrapped in WebView for Android/IOS (not react-native). But there is a problem with Google and Apple authorization. Everything works fine on the website, but not in the mobile application. I understand that the task is not difficult, so I am waiting for…

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Deniyel S. Deniel Sonis
Ukraine Odessa  159  0  6
Project published
2 months 9 days ago