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A person is needed to call the database of regular clients

Translated378 USD

  1. 232    2  0
    10 days378 USD

    Good day. I worked in an online store. I understand your need well. Write details in private. Thank you.
    Добрий день. Працювала в інтернет магазині. Гарно розумію Вашу потребу. Пишіть деталі в особисті. Дякую

  2. 201  
    1 day378 USD

    Good day. Completely free, responsible. Write in private.
    Доброго дня. Повністю вільний, відповідальний. Пишіть в приват

  1. 440    1  0
    7 days378 USD

    Good day! I can automate the calling process using AI. Client responses are exported. The calling speed is approaching the speed of light!
    Доброго! Можу автоматизувати обзвін за допомогою ШІ. Відповіді клієнтів експортуються. Швидкіть обзвону наближається майже до світлової!

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Project Assistant for WordPress, Elementor, Woocommerce, Dokan

Looking for an assistant with hourly pay. At least for the first two weeks, it will be full-time, 8-hour workday. What I work with: WordPress, Elementor Pro, Woocommerce, Dokan, Figma. Example of a current task 1: on the site (marketplace) Dokan Pro is installed. The homepage…

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Setting up checkout from monobank

It is necessary to create integration via API for setting up checkout from monobank for the website. There is no direct integration, but setting up via API is possible.

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Unlock Instagram business account

Instagram account for business has been blocked. February 27. For violation of consumer rights. Anyone who understands how to unblock and compete with Brazilians, who claim to have experience in this issue, welcome)

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Налаштування передачі івентів в GTM/GA4 та Enhanced E-commerce для Wor

Налаштування передачі івентів та розширеної торговлі з Wordpress в GTM та GA4 Що має трекатись: • Page_view: Tracks all web pages. - tracks as: Window Loaded, DOM Ready, Container Loaded events • Purchase: Tracks the purchase event when an order is placed. • View_item_list:…

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Problem with canonical URLs and category duplicates in OpenCart

A problem has occurred on the website, subcategories of products have started opening by two URLs: 1. Site / Catalog/subcategory / category / 2. site / category and accordingly in the canonical URL in the first case it shows 2( Is it possible to fix this?

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Olga I. LuxOdyag
Ukraine Ukraine
Project published
1 month 13 days ago