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Quora and Reddit


  1. 545
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    30 days401 USD

    Good morning, I work with such channels, there's a case by quorum, I have a good result.

    Ready to work and discuss all details.

    Paying $400 a month
    Reddit also $400 a month
    Доброго дня , працюю з такими канали , є кейс по кворі, маю класний результат

    Готовий працювати і обговорити всі деталі

    ведення квори 400 доларів в місяць
    редіт також 400 доларів в місяць

  2. 5024    72  0
    1 day25 USD

    Hello to
    I work with Reddit.
    Promotion from standard accounts - $3 per comment, account with karma 6k - $6.
    Работаю с реддит
    Продвижение со стандартных аккаунтов - 3$ за комментарий, аккаунт с кармой 6к - 6$.

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Managing social media, promoting channels (SMM)

Welcome! Interested in the cost of monthly support for such services: - maintenance of FB, Instagram, TikTok, Telegram / Viber channels (similar content), - promotion of Viber/Telegram channels. Industry: Ticket booking service "7 Sichey" (bus tickets, tours, tour services,…

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125 USD

Looking for referrals for Telegram in a crypto project Simply follow the link and play for 2 minutes.

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Attracting subscribers to Telegram channel through Facebook ADS

Hello, the task is to attract subscribers to a Telegram channel on the topic of finance. On our part - we provide advertising creatives for launching ads and a link to the TG channel. GEO - European countries. We will provide a list. On your part - all technical aspects…

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Advertisement facebook

Welcome! There is a one-page website (landing) for a product. Need help with launching and setting up advertising. Domain confirmed, pixel added, advertising account created.

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SMM for social networks Instagram, FB, TikTok

There is a pile of content lying on the shelf. It needs to be posted, write text. Make stories, etc. Theme women's lingerie.

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Pavel Wcob
Ukraine Kyiv  16  1
Project published
1 year ago