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Сделать копию сайта

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    4 days63 USD

    Добрий вечір. Там тільки одна сторінка. Натягну на Wordpress.

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  • Emil H.
    25 November 2019, 20:06 |

    Ссылка ведёт на аккаунт инсты заблоченной страницы 

  • Vadim Sholohov
    25 November 2019, 20:12 |

    Спасибо, исправил

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Simple retail website template without unique text

Simple retail website for flooring and components, template without unique text with a cart. Just a neat working website with a few product names so that there is a cart with orders.

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Interested in website development. For various goods. Clothing Technology Toys Sports goods There is an example for copying. Propose a price

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Website turnkey on Horoshop or Okaycms

Website development is needed from 0 to 100% from logo, colors, settings, content development to filling. The site is a large combination of services and goods.

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Website template turnkey

253 USD

Good day interested in turnkey website development. Need to create a website - for a sports palace website example https://olympic-center.kyiv.ua/ Number of pages and structure all as in the website above. It can be used as a prototype for the website need a convenient admin…

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Vadim Sholohov
Ukraine Odessa  9  0
Project published
4 years ago