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Current freelance projects in the category Python

Programming of work with projects.


There is a program (written to the website, working) you need to work up. Based on work with a database. Projects of Real Estate. On the basis of this, many additions need to be made. such as the creation of a discount, the automatic completion of contracts, etc. The program is…

PythonDatabases ∙ 1 proposal

Need a kick script.

65 USD

The kick-streamer platform. I need a script that duplicates a certain message from all the accounts that I will add to the script base. You need to subscribe to the channel and write the SMS to the assigned account by going out of the script. The simplest interface will go.…

Python ∙ 2 proposals

Write a script for the approval of authorization


Cost of 300g There is a website: https://www.binance.com/en/futures-activity/leaderboard/user/um?encryptedUid=1FB04E31362DEED9CAA1C7EF8A771B8A It shows the trader’s positions only if you are authorized. And you need to write a script so that you can use the program to see…

PythonData parsing

Creating a BOT


You need to create a bot telegram, with the function of 5 buttons and sendings through the admin panel(General and status sendings) The message must be made in the banner format, zip file, sound) Connect through the crypto app and add a manual payment(Banner + Requirements)

Python ∙ 8 proposals

Processing the Telegram AutoSales Bot on Python 3.9.9 and Aiogram 3.2.0

26 USD

The bot is developed by a third-party developer on Python (the version on which the bot is currently working 3.9.9, using the Aiogram library) What should be processed: - In the car sales bot in the telegram you need to add payments: Opportunity to accept payments in the…

PythonBot development ∙ 4 proposals

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2 months 24 days ago