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Creating a CRM system


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    30 days520 USD

    Good day .
    Java Spring Boot MySql docker nginx
    Integration with API, BOT, SHI

    The price after tz
    Доброго дня.
    Java Spring Boot MySql docker nginx
    Інтеграція з api, боти, ші

    Ціна після тз

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    30 days702 USD

    Good day . I specialize in CRM, dashboard, databases and WEB services for processing, accounting and analytics. Comfortable and modern design. It is completely under the key. Turn to
    Доброго дня. Спеціалізуюся на CRM, dashboard, базах даних та WEB-сервісах обробки, обліку та аналітики. Зручний та сучасний дизайн. Розробка повністю під ключ. Звертайтесь

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Current freelance projects in the category Embedded systems and microcontrollers

ESP32 for data transmission via WiFi direct protocol


It is necessary to develop a spread for ESP32, which will provide transparent transmission and receipt of data via WiFi Direct (P2P). It is necessary to implement the support of two interfaces: UART and SPI. The input data must be submitted to the module via SPI, and the…

Embedded systems and microcontrollers

Evse arduino

104 USD

charging station evse for Arduino nano with i2c SSD1306 display with measurement of alternating voltage and current. with adaptive voltage mode

C and C++Embedded systems and microcontrollers

Multiplayer in Meta Quest 2

113 USD

I have 6 pairs of Meta Quest 2 glasses, I need Epic Roller Coaster to be connected at the same time when you press the button on your computer, or in a similar way. I would like to discuss all the details and the value of the work.

Embedded systems and microcontrollers

Updates for ESP32

260 USD

Hi, there’s a device, a switch and a source for ESP32. The device performs the functions of a thermo-regulator with the functions of pump management and so on. Managing the device through the WEB interface. In general, everything works well, but it is necessary to change the…

Embedded systems and microcontrollers ∙ 3 proposals

You need to collect a gsm-shell on 8 sim800 modules based on arduino or raspber


Good day ! You need to collect a gsm-shell on 8 sim800 modules based on arduino or raspberry pi on 8 symcards to receive messages and send them to telegram or to a site. All the purchase of the necessary packaging, assembly for you. I wish in Odessa. I accept your proposals…

Embedded systems and microcontrollers

Olga Derevianko Консалтингова компанія ОК
Ukraine Kyiv
Project published
2 months 20 days ago
2 months 18 days