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  • Maksim Kondaurov
    22 May 2022, 12:01 |

    Добрый день, учитывая что вам нужен функционал аукциона я бы рекомендовал другую CMS, Такие варианты рассматриваются или строго Wordpress?

  • Aleks Artdiler Sambanis.art
    30 May 2022, 17:30 |

    WP очень понятный и привычный. А какю CS вы предлагаете? Почему? Благодарю

  • Maksim Kondaurov
    30 May 2022, 18:49 |

    Я бы рекомендовал взять CMS в которой хорошо реализован паттерн MVC (Model View Controller) Это позволит реализовать нужную вам задачу в разы быстрее и проще (с точки зрения разработки ) чем на Wordpress. Я рекомендую взять Opencart/Ocstore там очень хорошо реализован этот принцип.

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570 USD

Renew existing Wordpress website. Change theme. Two languages interface. Transfer old database. Google indexation.

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X2 Edits in web application

51 USD

Essence: A web application is being created to create the following using it: Projects of multi/single-storey buildings, > In these projects, there are rooms > > and in the rooms, there are walls, into which using the application's functionality, you can measure openings for…

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Development of a support website on the Wiki.js platform for a hardware product

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Corporate website of the company on Wordpress

Layouts in Figma are ready. Need to implement layout and integration with Wordpress. The site will be in 2 languages. And it will have 2 navigation panels (two menus). The functionality is not complex, without product catalogs or shopping carts or anything similar. The closest…

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Integration of Shopify into Facebook and Instagram

Please leave applications for those who have experience in this. We have an online store on Shopify. The task is to integrate into Facebook and Instagram. The subscription app should be configured in Shopify. We need the ability to select a retargeting ad and apply it…

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Aleks Artdiler Sambanis.art
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