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Remove Viruses from the WordPress Site

Translated12 USD

Client's feedback on cooperation with Mykhailo K.


Everything is done quickly and efficiently.

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Task formulation

Everything is great. They checked quickly, they paid too. I recommend

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    1 day25 USD

    I will help you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The !

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  • Yevhen Holienishchev
    17 October 2023, 13:36 |

    Справа в сайті, з якого завантажується скрипт


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Letters go to spam

Source data: 1. Using Woekspace from Google 2. All mailboxes on this mail server ended up on a blacklist 3. There is hosting where identical mailboxes were created 4. Tried to set up sending emails from Gmail using mailboxes from hosting via SMTP. But since the names are…

Software protection and securitySoftware and server configuration ∙ 5 proposals

Good programmer needed

A programmer is needed to solve problems. The terms of reference are in a personal message, you need to work with TikTok. A reliable person is needed

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Ukrainian warrior coin (UWC)

Writing scripts for launching on platforms! Encouraging investors. Creating a relevant bot in Telegram!

BlockchainSoftware protection and security ∙ 3 proposals

Remote access

12 USD

It is necessary to set up simple and secure remote access for 5 computers, so that people can simply log in through their laptops or desktop PCs into some hypothetical Horizon or RDM and be able to work within the shell. We can discuss all the details in private messages.

WindowsSoftware protection and security ∙ 4 proposals

Update software and eliminate vulnerabilities

A cybersecurity specialist is required to update and configure server software, eliminate vulnerabilities, and prepare the website for PCI scanning. Key tasks include updating FreeBSD, Apache, PHP, OpenSSH, BIND, OpenSSL, and Exim, configuring SSL/TLS, traffic filtering, and…

System administrationSoftware protection and security ∙ 1 proposal

Roman Kornoushenko
Ukraine Kyiv  55  0
Project published
8 months 5 days ago