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Fix some errors on the site + add the target tag to the main pageВиправити деякі помилки на сайті + додати мета теги на головну сторінк

Translated750 UAH

Client's feedback on cooperation with Aleksandr Vahovsky


There were three tasks that Alexander had done greatly. When working with him, you can immediately see that in Opencart he was like a fish in the water, did what the man,which wrote me the site did not.
Thank you, it was fun to work!

Freelancer's feedback on cooperation with Stanislav S

Task formulation

The task was placed clearly and clearly, with no payment of questions. Great sales to you. It’s nice to work with such customers.

Aleksandr Vahovsky | Safe Safe

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    1 day500 UAH

    Ready to resolve and repair as soon as possible.
    Write to LS.
    + Готов быстро разобраться и починить в кратчайшие сроки.
    Пишите в ЛС.

  2.  freelancer isn't working in the service any longer
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    Winning proposal1 day750 UAH

    Opencart Jedi is in action. I will help, rest and feel. We have been in the field and experience for 7 years.
    There are a number of critical errors that are not in the task, described in LS.
    Opencart джедай в деле. Помогу, починю и настрою. На скиле и на опыте уже 7 лет.
    Есть ряд ошибок критичных которых нет в задании, описал в ЛС.. нужно исправлять

  4. proposal concealed by freelancer
  5. proposal concealed by freelancer
  6. proposal concealed by freelancer
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    2 days497 UAH

    Hello to you! I have a lot of experience working on the open card engine. I am pleased to help.
    Здравствуйте! Имею большой опыт работы в движке опенкарт. С радостью помогу.