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Zennoposter Developer


  1. 249  
    10 days25 USD

    Good night, worked before with the Zenoposter, can you have more information to understand what you need to realize?
    Добрий вечір, працював раніше з зеннопостером, можна більше інформації для розуміння того що потрібно реалізувати?

  2. 199    1  0
    3 days25 USD

    Good afternoon, there is experience with Zenoposter. I would like to learn more about the task.
    Доброго дня, є досвід з Зеннопостером. Хотів би дізнатись детальніше про завдання

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Development and optimization of a structured Word document

38 USD

Project Name: Development and optimization of a structured Word document for "Common Handover Notes" Project Description: A qualified programmer is needed to create a structured and intuitive Microsoft Word document. The document will be used for daily maintenance recording,…

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Create a landing page on Shopify

Create a landing page for 3 products with checkout on Shopify Create a landing page for 3 products with checkout on Shopify

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Setting up Zebra GC420T printer

It is necessary to set up the printing of Zebra GC420T printer with the formation of barcodes from inventory and serial numbers and equipment signature. Printing from a notepad or other text editor or spreadsheet. Inv. 00000000000 below the barcode formed from Inv. Serial number…

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PageSpeed Insights for the OpenCart website

Improve performance for PageSpeed Insights. It is especially necessary to enhance the mobile version. performance + CLS

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Project refinement in C#

533 USD

It is necessary to refine the existing algorithm for vector graphics (written in C#, well-structured) for calculating the quantity and placement (determining coordinates) of embedded details in walls. Practical programming experience in C# is required (knowledge of libraries is…

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Ukraine Work NV-Dev
Ukraine Ukraine  6  0
Project published
4 months 19 days ago